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Nov 13 2021

Please do not board the safety boats

Please be aware that we are undertaking works on all three of the safety boats (SS2, SS3 & Polly) currently and for safety reasons they are not to be boarded unless you are working on them. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Thank you

Scott James, House Rep

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Sep 09 2021

Reporting of property related works, ideas & Volunteering

Reporting of property related works & ideas 

We are moving into a digital age, gone is the whiteboard in the bar for jobs that need to be done around the club.  Instead, we are moving online.

  • There is now a document that allows you to see what jobs have been reported around the club and what stage they are at, to see more click this link: TBYC Existing Work
  • If you have checked the document above and you would like to register any new work suggestions or have any property related ideas, you can do this by completing the following online form: TBYC Work Suggestions & Ideas
  • We will use both systems to manage the works around the club. We will archive off the completed works once a quarter after they have been reported through the General Committee.


TBYC thrives on its amazing volunteers, and we would like to make sure that we understand who you amazing people are. Therefore, we are asking if you are volunteer or would like to volunteer that you let us know who you are. This is not a commitment from you to do work, we won’t schedule you to do any work without coming to you first and asking if you would like to help. It just allows us to understand who may want to do some jobs around the club and who has this skills and time to do so. It will also allow us to join up on occasion, those that that are skilled and want to teach with those that want to learn that skill.

  • The link is here: TBYC Volunteer Information System
  • Once a job or idea is approved by the General Committee, we will post this on the club’s website as a volunteering opportunity and email out to the appropriate volunteers to see who is available to help the club to complete the job.

Please feel free to let me know if you would like to volunteer for any of the jobs that are on the TBYC Existing Work list at any time, as Adrian says say many hands make light work!

Thank you
Scott James
House Rep
[email protected]

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Mar 20 2018

Saturday Work Party

Great work from those who turned up last weekend, if you didn’t have enough or still want some more, there is another this Saturday (24th 10:00 am) we still have a few bits to do on the displacements and the club house, please contact your class captains for the work required and what to bring.

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Mar 21 2017

We Need You this Saturday at 9am

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We have loads to do before the season starts and need you to come and help. So come along at 9am this Saturday dressed to do anything from Antifouling, Bosun/Race hut and Slipway repair or just painting the new buoys.

Once we are finished we can all go sailing knowing that we are completely prepared.

9am Saturday, don’t be late for the start.

If you come we will get the jobs done quicker.

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Dec 15 2016

New Red Race Buoys – Help required.

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Its planned to float the new race buoys out after racing on Saturday. These will then be swapped over at low tide on Sunday morning with the faded orange buoys floated back in prior to sailing on Sunday. Low tide on Sunday is at 9:40am, so I plan to start at 9:00 which should give plenty of time to deal with the 6 buoys. To make life easier, it would be great to have someone assist.

It’s not the lowest of low tides, so I’d suggest a wetsuit or drysuit will be required.

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Apr 28 2016

Clubhouse Maintenance.

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There are always lots of jobs cropping up that need doing to keep the club house in order. I believe we can undertake some of these without needing to call in contractors. Instead of leaving all these jobs until a working party it would be nice to get them done as they arise. So if anyone out there from a trades background or DIY expert feels that they may be able to help in any way it would be great to hear from you.

I only have small jobs in mind, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please drop me an email  [email protected]

Many thanks.


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Mar 29 2016

Work Party Saturday 2nd April 10:00 – Needs You

We need you to help us keep the club ship shape. Jobs need doing in:

  • Mens Changing Rooms
  • Club House Car Park
  • Dinghy Park
  • Bosuns/Race Hut
  • General Club House

On the day look for Gary Burrows or Nick Cotgrove who will help you find your job.
We would all appreciate a little of  your spare time from 10:00 so we can all enjoy the sailing without worrying about the jobs that need to be done.

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Feb 24 2016


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We’re at a position where we could do with a few hours additional labour on the Seasafe displacements & Polly to get them anti fouled ready for the new season.
We have the paint already and we’ve booked the weather for both days. Now we just need some bodies to help put it on.
Sessions have been arranged for Friday @ 10:00 and Saturday at 9:00 (ish) for hopefully no more than 3 hours. It would be great if we could get 5 or 6 willing volunteers to assist each day. Please can you let Gary know if you can attend on Friday [[email protected]] or Toby for Saturday [[email protected]]

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Oct 03 2015

Work Party

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Don’t forget we have a work party planned for Sunday 4th at 10am, please bring along your gardening tools as we are clearing the Dinghy Park . Thank you for your support.

Rob Bailey

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Sep 28 2015

Work Party

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There is a work party planned for Sunday 4th October starting at 10am. All wecome, please bring along any spades,hoes etc as we will be concentrating on clearing and weeding the dinghy park. Refreshments will be served as usual. See you all on Sunday.

Rob Bailey

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