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Nov 23 2020

Cadet Representative

Dear Members

I just wanted to quickly introduce myself as this year Cadet Representative.  My name is Lindsay and as many of you may know I have been an active member of the Cadet Committee for some years. I have 3 daughters who all loving being out on the water and participate regularly in both cadet and club sailing!  I have spent many hours in the water launching and recovering boats!!

I would like to thank Jeremy for all his hard work over the past years and sorry we could not mark his last year in a more memorable way due to the pandemic.  I am really looking forward to supporting the Cadets in getting the most out of the club developing skills and confidence on the water with the support of the parents.

Cadet Rep is not a job for one person and I am grateful to have received many offers of support but I will be seeking more over the year. Please keep an eye out for emails, website and Facebook updates!

I am very lucky to have Andras Gal, Nick Alston and Peter Quinten ready to provide a jammed pack Cadet sail training programme when restrictions allow for Cadets who are able to sail a basic course.   All the dates and times will be published in the club programme.

Conrad Stevenson has been able to arrange some Feva training for the older cadets (with their own boat) and we hope that this is something that can be developed in the future to enhance the fleet.  If you or older cadets would like to be added to the WhatsApp group please email Janet with your details and she will forward them appropriately.  We do have access to one club Feva but that will need to be allocated in advance to avoid disappointment (details to be confirmed).

Unfortunately, due to restrictions of some sort remaining in December the Cadet Christmas party will not be possible this year but I will endeavour to provide future events as soon as possible.

Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Lindsay Rainbow


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Oct 28 2020

Halloween Family Friday

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Oct 18 2020

Winter starting procedure for cadets

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Oct 04 2020

Cadet Race Training – Briefing

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briefing is at 11:45 Sunday 4/10/2020


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Sep 26 2020

Video briefing for tomorrow

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Cadet Race training 27/09/2020, start at 9:30
We shall see how strong is the wind on the slipway then and there, currently it does not look all that good.
Short training on the grass will be offered if sailing is not safe.
Be prepared and ready to sail out at 9:30 sharp if possible.


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Sep 25 2020

Cadet Race Training 27/09/2020 9:30

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map 2 pirate

Look at the map! click on the link and click on the link in the new window.

The Admiralty is calling on commandants of battleships to joint the High Fleet this Sunday morning. We are sailing out at 9:30 if conditions are favourable.

Cadet Race Training
coach: Andras

Start: 9:30

“ I have what you want!
Meet me at Cape Thorpe
Sunday after the sun rises.
I trust you to bring the payment.”
– Captain Black

Captain Black has been recently sighted in the Estuary.

The Admiralty has intercepted Captain Black’s recent message to a merchant, which has led us to suspect that he is going to sail north across the Treacherous Pass at about 9:45 this Sunday, wearing a black hat.
It is believed that his ship is full of goodies following his recent raid which he is trying to re-sell to merchants at Cape Thorpe.

The Admiralty ordered a group of battleships to join forces and capture him.

Admiral Grey has been appointed in high command. The Admiral ordered us to wait alongside the line between High Point and Land’s End.
As soon as you spot him, chase after him.
(You must not cut ahead of him before he crosses the line between High Point and Land’s end, otherwise he might turn back.)

Be aware of the Treacherous Pass, there are dangerous rocks under water both sides.

He is expected to turn around Cape Thorpe and head back through Treacherous Pass. Your task is to go after him and pull alongside within reach of your cannons.

It may be necessary to repeat this chase 3 times, if he slips away.

We must force him to sail into Square Bay, where there is no escape. Pull alongside of him and fire your cannons.

After the successful battle, sail to the Commodore’s flagship to collect your reward.

See you on the water: Andras

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Sep 20 2020

Captain Black is coming!

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The message below has been intercepted by the Admiralty.

There are reasons to believe that Captain Black is up to something.

We are calling all able sailors to join our fleet.

Prepare for battle on Sunday early morning! Briefing will follow.




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Sep 18 2020

Cadet Race Training with Nick, this Sunday. Video briefing

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Sep 16 2020

Cadet Training and Races with Nick

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Cadet Race Training and Races on Sunday 20th September – Briefing at 11.45

Prepare your boat and be ready for a briefing on the beach at 11.45.

Sign up on the Google form (trace and track requirement): CLICK HERE

Cadet Race Training is suitable for sailors who can sail a triangular course safely and willing to listen and learn. Please, read the relevant risk assessment on the website.


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Sep 12 2020

Cadet Race Training today – video briefing

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You Tube:

Search for channel: TBYCPicofleet

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