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Jun 18 2019

Cadet sailing Sunday, Meeting Friday

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Dear Cadets and Parents,

I am calling for a Sailor’s Meeting this Friday – Sail Training Room (21 June 2019),
hopefully at 7 pm if not then wait for me, it might be 7:30pm.
Topic is Upwind Sailing, still.

There is Cadet Race Training run by me this Sunday, 23/06/2019, start on the water at 16:00.
Briefing is at the Sail Training Room at 15:30 – optional
I recommend that sailors come to the briefing already changed and get their boats ready before.
Depending on the conditions the focus will be upwind sailing and tacking again.
Last time the wind was so light and variable, it was impossible to get a good feel of these.

See you soon:
Kind regards: Andras

Please, let me know, it is helpful to know who is coming for each.

Please, ask your sailors to look at the YouTube Channel “TBYCPicofleet”

I recommend looking at my latest: “Upwind – basics”
I attached the pdf sheet – they may want to use to work out the length of different routes to the upwind mark as I recommended.

Sailors – you may consider looking at other videos: “Briefing for training 09/06/2019”, as we will try these drills again.
If you fancy getting some experience with man overboard training, you may also wish to see “come to coachboat”.
Approaching the person / or dummy to be saved should also be done from “below the wind”, there are many similarities.
The video “Top tips for Cadet Regatta, June 2019” may be helpful for the race.
There is nothing stopping you to look at the older videos, you may find them useful.
I am pleased to see the increasing number of subscribers, it is approaching 1 million, only 999 986 short of that.

chessboard routes to windward mark.pdf

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Jun 13 2019

Help required this weekend

hi guys, busy weekend this weekend, with club racing, a Contender and Laser open meeting and level 2 training.
Unfortunately we are missing some duty covers, if any of you can step up I’d be most grateful and don’t forget you can sign on and receive average points for the series.

Duties that need filling are
Rib Launch
SS5 Crew
SS2 Crew

Race Officer (shore box for club sailing)
SS5 crew

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Jun 05 2019

Cadets: Friday sailor’s meeting, Sunday sailing

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Cadets and Parents!

There is Sailors meeting again this Friday at 7:00 pm sail training room.
Topic for discussion:
How to get to the windward mark first?

Cadet Race Training this Sunday
Start on the water at 15:30
Briefing at 15:00 at the sail training room
Please change and rig before
Main topic:
upwind progress – climbing the ladder
Secondary topic: tacking

YouTube channel: search for “TBYCPicofleet”

See you on the water (and at the meeting)!


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May 31 2019

Top tips for the Cadet Regatta from Andras

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May 31 2019

TBYC Cadet Regatta this weekend

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There is plenty of opportunity for Cadets to sail this weekend in the TBYC Regatta.

Older and more confident Cadets are encourgaed to participate in the Main Club Regatta. There is a Cadet class. Sailing Instruction are here,

For the rest of the Cadets (must be able to sail a basic beat, reach and run, and be able to sail to and from the training area) there is the CADET REGATTA.

Programme: (All races are fully supported)

Friday 31st May – Optional Briefing and training at 7.30pm in the Sail Training Room. We will cover Racing Rules, Course, Starting and a practical session of hand positions when tacking.

Saturday – Four 15 minute Races (slightly longer than usual training).
Briefing; changed and rigged in the Sail Training Room at 9.30am, on the water at 10.00am.

Sunday – Beginner’s Team Racing – Teams of 3 boats, 4 races each.
Briefing; changed and rigged in the Sail Training Room at 10.30am, on the water at 11.00am.

Coaches: Nick and Andras.

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May 17 2019

Cadet Sailing 26th of May, Sunday with Andras

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Cadets and Parents!

Next Cadet Race Training is Sunday week 26th of May 2019

All sailors welcome.

Help will be given to those who ask for it.

Start on the water is at 16:00

Briefing at 15:30, sail training room

Please, get the boats ready on the beach and change before briefing


acceleration, stopping, speed control

Triangular practice course.

Windward – leeward course


Homework – watch the following videos:

See you on the water:


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May 14 2019

Family Fun Day 19th May – Starts at 12:30

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May 11 2019

Cadet Week Forms 2019 – Entries Closed

Its time to register for this years summer of fun, 29th July – 2nd Aug.

    1. Read the information pack and arrange your boats and partners, then…
    2. Complete the forms, you must volunteer!
    3. Return the forms with a cheque (or bank transfer this year)

Closing date is 13th May. After that date we will look at group totals and confirm your entry.

Thank you to all those who have helped and volunteered to help this year.


Cadet Week Information pack 2019

Cadet Week Registration Pack 2019


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May 09 2019

Last weekend’s Cadet training and races

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Well done to the 23 cadets in 13 boats who endured the cold weather and gusting winds to complete two days of training and racing last weekend. The Cadets aged between 8 and 15 of all abilities practised their beating, reaching and running skills together with practise starts and finally completed a series of two laps races.

The Programme for the Cadet Training/Races led by Nick and Andras is published in the Cadet Tab under SAILING (on the left hand side), together with the Results. DON’T FORGET TO CHECK YOUR RESULTS, CADETS!!!!

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May 02 2019

May 3rd Friday Club Night 7pm Knots and splicing

The first Friday of each of the summer months is TBYC Club night. This month we start the bank holiday looking at knots and splicing.
Fridays Club night Knots and splicing programme.

  • 19:00 starting with basic knots for beginners and intermediate cadets or adults who need a reminder.
  • 20:00 Chris Boshier from Essex rigging will be here with all his tools and knowledge to teach us how to splice dyneema rope, covering anything from eyes, continuous sheets, to tapers, just ask Chris. Tony Clarke will then be going through splicing an eye in 3 strand rope .
  • The whole hour will be informal, with a short explanation, demonstration, then time for you to have a go with the experts on hand to help you out if you are knot doing it right or teach you tricks and tips to ensure success.
  • Chris is now our regional Marlow rope stockist and will also be able to offer advise on suitable ropes for that all important start of season refit as well as taking orders.

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