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Sep 03 2020

5th September Duty SS2 Crew 12:30 Start

Can anyone cover this duty for me I have injured my shoulder and cannot do it I’m afraid

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Jul 06 2020

Cadet Week 2020 Cancelled

Cadet Week 2020 Cancelled

As a committee we took the decision back in March to continue to plan for a Cadet week, but not to put out the application forms due to the uncertainty of the duration of lockdown. The General Committee have been meeting on a weekly basis, closely monitoring the guidance from the Government and subsequent changes to the advice given by the RYA and PLA.


Having reviewed the planned changes to restrictions issued last week and even with the gradual lifting of lockdown, the obstacles were too big for us to provide a safe event on and off the water. We have therefore taken the decision to cancel this year’s Cadet Week. This is not a decision we have taken lightly, we are disappointed but feel it is the right decision.


As the summer progresses I look forward to seeing more people re integrating with the club and getting back on the water in whatever form that may be. When as a club we are able to organise activities safely, we will look at the remaining planned Cadet programme for the season and issue further guidance.


Jeremy Sandford

TBYC Cadet Representative

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Jun 10 2020

dinghy park / lower car park security

over the last week I’ve been to the club dinghy park to work on boats 4 times, 3 or these times the gates have been wide open with the lock left hanging and twice with the code still displayed. Now I realise the lock and gate aren’t the best or biggest theft deterrent, but it does go some way to keeping the general public out. So please, if you’re first into the car park, close the lock back up and scramble the code and if you’re last to leave, shut the gate and lock it back up please, it’s not rocket science people, I’m sure you wouldn’t leave your front doors open or your keys in the lock when you go out, so please don’t do tantamount to the same to the club dinghy park.

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Nov 22 2019

Cadet Christmas Party 2019

Sunday 8th December, 16:00-19:00

Urgent Reminder to purchase tickets for the Christmas Party by the end of the month. Tickets are available over the bar or by phone.

  • £7.50 Members
  • £10 non members

As always take up is slow until nearer the date, however we need ticket sales to let the event go ahead, don’t disappoint Father Christmas, he loves coming to TBYC!

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Oct 14 2019

Winter Dinghy Park

Hi All, It’s that time of year when the sailing season is over and the winter series will begin (after the Cruiser and Sandhopper liftout 21/22nd October). As per the Club program, all dinghies should have vacated the dinghy park in order for these manoeuvres take place. Specifically rows E,F,G.
If you own a pico or laser and wish to pay for storage for the winter please contact your class captain to discuss rack storage and how you will put your boat on the racks. It is YOUR OWN responsibility to ensure your boats are moved.

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Oct 04 2019

winter Series

entries now being accepted for winter 2019/20  Winter-Series-Entry-Form

fees will be same as winter storage, please see attached Winter storage rates 2019 20

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Sep 04 2019

Cadet Sail Training and Racing this SUNDAY

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SUNDAY 8th September
The TBYC Stage 3 ‘On-the-water’ course is on Sunday and the RS Feva and one Pico are reserved for this, as Club Policy.

The course is full however, Cadet sailors are welcome to join in with the sailing session on Sunday. Priory instruction will be given to the Stage 3 participants, however the session will follow the usual training format and will benefit all Cadets. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to sail!
Briefing; changed and rigged in the Sail Training Room at 6.00pm, on the water at 6.30pm.   Coach: Nick

CADET RACING RESULTS for this season are posted on the Club’s Cadet Notice board and at

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Aug 30 2019

Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

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If anyone is interested in watching the Clipper Yachts on Sunday and the race start on Monday – below is an exert from the Notice to Mariners issued by the PLA.

The yachts will depart St. Katharine Dock between 15:00 and 15:45 and form up in the Lower Pool. The yachts will navigate inbound from Limehouse into the Upper Pool for a 16:00 Tower ridge lift. The yachts will stem the tide on the south side of the channel for approximately 30 minutes, before swinging to proceed outward bound, passing through Tower bridge at 16:30.

The yachts will anchor in the Southend Small Ship Anchorage just east of Southend Pier overnight from 21:00 in preparation for the start of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

At 08:00 the yachts will weigh anchor in preparation for the race start at 10:00 off Southend Pier. The Race Start line will be approx. 0.25Nm in length and will be marked by a committee vessel anchored due South of Southend Pier in approximate position 51°30.620N, 000°43.407E . All vessels not connected with the race are requested to keep clear of the start area during this time. Following the start, the race course will then take the fleet east from Southend Pier into the Estuary and out to the English Channel.

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Jul 28 2019

Stingray groups

Due to changes in the numbers of Cadet in Stingrays, We have needed to revise the teams. The revised teams will he posted at the YC before registration this afternoon.

This year Stingrays is as popular as ever but is relatively young and inexperienced so we have worked really hard to make the teams as balanced in average age and experience as possible. Thank you for your support with this as we move towards another fantastic week on water and the beach.

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Jul 25 2019

Cadet week groups and rotas

Please find the Cadet Week volunteer rotas posted on the Cadet board in the club. Janet will also be emailing copies out to entrants today. Adults may swap duties other than support boat by mutual agreement and ensure the swap is written on the master copy posted on the board. Thank you for volunteering, the week only happens because we help in one way or another. All other queries to me please.
Looking forward to another great week, please check Facebook for Lindsay’s kit list and make sure you are ready, see you all at registration on Sunday.

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