Apr 17 2024

RNLI Pursuit Race – Sunday 21st April Start Times

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Please see start times for the RNLI Pursuit Race this Sunday starting from 10:30. If your boat class is not listed please contact me by midday Saturday 20th April to be added.

TBYC RNLI Pursuit Race 21st April 2024 SSI’s
Race Duration and Entry
Entry fee for the race is a £3 per boat voluntary contribution – All proceeds will be donated to the RNLI. Please place the entry fee in the container located on the main bar on the race day.
The Race Duration has been calculated based on the slowest class, RS Tera Sport, sailing for 2 hours. Start times for all other classes have been calculated based on the handicap numbers in use at Thorpe Bay Yacht Club as at April 2024.
Classes not allocated a start time should contact the race officer by midday Saturday 21st April latest to be allocated a start time. Email: [email protected]
Competitors sailing boats without a start time allocated that do not contact the race officer before this time will not be eligible to race.

The Course

Committee boat or Shore Box start – The start numbers / times will be posted on the Bosuns hut blackboard along with the course.
The Start
The start time for the first boat (RS Tera Sport) is 10.30 hours
Start times for all classes have been rounded to the nearest minute and are published on the Start Times sheet attached to these supplementary sailing instructions. When possible, the Race Officer will answer questions regarding position in the sequence from competitors on the water This information is entirely at the discretion of the race committee and will not be grounds for redress.
Thorpe Bay Yacht Club Flags will only be used in the initial 3 minute warning and preparatory period before the first start.
International Code Flag R shall be used as the warning signal for the first start.
Sound signals shall govern the starting sequence thereafter.
The first start number will be displayed at 3 mins before the start and will not be removed until the start. Subsequent start numbers will replace the preceding number as soon as possible after the preceding class start and will be displayed for the duration of the time until the subsequent class start, e.g. If the gap between 2 starts is one minute the class start number will be displayed for approximately one minute. If the gap between 2 starts is seven minutes the class start number will be displayed for approximately seven minutes.
A single sound signal will be made for each of the designated starts even if no boat starts in that class.
There will be no recalls and at the discretion of the Race Officer premature starters will be penalised by 5 places in the finishing order, with no recourse to appeal or redress. Competitors are required to keep clear of the line until after the start immediately prior to their class.
The race will finish exactly 2 hours after the first start time. A support boat flying a blue flag will motor to the point where the lead boat has reached at the pre-determined finish time and sound a signal indicating that the lead boat has finished.
The support boat will drop an inflatable mark and all competitors shall sail towards this mark.
A support boat will then motor back through the fleet recording the finishing position of each boat as far as possible through the fleet. This is likely to be restricted to the front of the fleet depending upon conditions and positions on the course and is likely to be the first 5 boats only. (Where possible competitors should note the sail numbers of the boat in front of them at the time of the finish signal and record this on the declaration sheet the Bosun’s Hut.).
After the finishing sound signal, boats shall not overtake a boat in front but shall continue sailing until the support boat has passed them, recording their position, or the race officer on the support boat has indicated that he/she has finished recording places, at which time they will be deemed to have finished.
Start Times for Classes are below.

RNLI Pursuit Race Start Time list 2024



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Apr 13 2024

Cadet week applications are now open!

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Please read the information pack before completing the online application form
Closing date for applications is Sunday 28th April at 8pm.
Please email [email protected] with an queries

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Apr 11 2024

Next Racing

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Please click the link for the main season’s SI’s TBYC SI 2024 ver 1

Date Start – Event – Tide

Check to see who is on Duty and make sure it is not you (It’s a scrollable window)

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Apr 11 2024

Classic Car Show 2nd June

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Apr 05 2024

Cadet Barracudas Training postponed

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This sunday would have been our first Cadet Training session of the new season. Unfortunitly, Storm Kathleen has blow us out.

Barracudas will now be postponed until 28th April.

The next sessions will be Sharks on 14th and 21st April.

Piranhas will be on 5th June.

To find out where you or your child fits into the program, refer to the TBYC Pathway found here www.tbyc.org/cadets/


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Apr 02 2024

Cadet start of the season update

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Through the winter the cadet committee with the support of the general committee have been busy beavering away with some exciting plans and projects for the clubs cadet fleet that we would like to share with you now.

TBYC cadet week has been fortunate to be supported by many generous sponsors over the years. This money is used to subsidise the week for members to allow them to enjoy a fun packed week of activities both on and off the water and build the cadet fund for investment for the future.

The club is in a very privileged position to have a substantial fleet for the cadets and members to use including 6 Pico’s, 14 Oppies, 2 lasers, 1 feva and a brand new RS Tera purchased approximately 18 months ago. The Pico’s are used throughout the season for the cadet training pathway, RYA youth training and fun. The Oppies are a familiar sight on the shore during beach club sessions and cadet week. The lasers, feva and tera give cadets the opportunity to try a boat before moving to a new fleet (booking information for these is on the website).

Wear and tear is inevitable so I wanted to make sure that we entered the new season with the assets in the best condition possible by utilising the cadet fund which has been strengthened by our sponsors. I particularly want to thank our 2023 sponsors; IT Method – Matthew and Louise Sullivan, Wetsuit Outlet – Ian and Gina Holman, White and Co – Carla Kennedy, Hudson Weir, Hasib and Heeock, MWS accountants – Jon Gorridge, Dedman Gray – Mike Gray, Above Wealth – Anthony Rowland, Herve Engineering – Howard Warrington and Michael Lloyd, Harrison Holgate – Matt Waters, Thorpe Hall School, Bay Optical – the Graves family, Estate Research – Alex Avery – as well as those who have supported us historically. Through the cadet fund we now purchased 6 new suits of sails for each of the Pico’s, a new Tera mini sail to ease the transition from Oppie to Tera for our smaller cadets and have taken delivery of 7 brand new fully fitted out Sailqube Optimists from Xtremity.net!
Thanks go to Nick Alston for his work on the Picos and Adam Clark, Rob Graves, Tom Hanham, Mark Dell, Scott Weller and Matt Rainbow for their help to complete the Oppie project.

Due to a sizable anonymous donation from long standing members the club feva has also undergone a refit over the winter carried out by Mark Dell including a full suit of sails, rigging check and new cover.

As the new season starts the fleet is already to go.
Please return your boats to the dinghy park as per the dinghy park plan.
Cadet pathway training dates can be found on the calendar on the website; pop them in your diary.
If you would like to use the feva, tera or laser please use the booking system
Cadet week starts on 5th August entry will open imminently so please complete applications asap.
If you interested in sponsorship please contact me

We look forward to many happy hours on the water learning and developing skills while having fun!

Thanks again for all your support.
Lindsay Rainbow
Cadet Rep

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Mar 26 2024

Easter Weekend at TBYC

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Mar 25 2024

For Sale: Hornet 2101 £600

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Complete Hornet dinghy at TBYC ready to race.
1982 Goodwin epoxy sandwich hull,
wood foredeck and gunwales,
all rigging, blocks and ropes in good condition.
New rules big kite and twin launching pole system.

Contact Gary on 07841 024615


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Mar 25 2024


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We need volunteers to help with the following Club Racing duties this Monday please

Please do volunteer if you can help and are able to use SS2 as the Committee Boat


Mon 01 Apr 2024 15:30 Peter Hayes Trophy – Race Officer COVERED thanks Steve Hopper

Mon 01 Apr 2024 15:30 Peter Hayes Trophy – Assistant RO COVERED thanks Janet Willsmer


The club tow car (BMW X3) is available to launch RIBs (any club member with a clean license over 25 is insured to drive it)

If you have a duty coming up and want a refresher on what to do please come along to any race and let the Duty Officer know if you would like to join a displacement or the committee boat to help / observe.

Don’t forget you can swap a duty with a VOLUNTEER PLEASE duty by emailing [email protected]

If you can help please volunteer / swap in the usual way via Dutyman or email [email protected]

Many thanks

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Mar 22 2024

FOR SALE: Sandhopper S16 – ‘Sea Jay’

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FOR SALE: Sandhopper S16 – ‘Sea Jay’

Great entry into the biggest keelboat class on the Thames Estuary.

Brand new hardwood rubbing strake fitted, ballast keel faired and epoxy coated.


1 years mooring with good chain and pick up buoy.


Contact David Johnson 07710 163397 for more details.





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