Club Boats

The club has various dinghies available to use, free of charge by members. It is suggested that you talk to the Class Captain for those boats before using first time and contact emails are available under Sailing Committee . Th available dinghies are:

  • 12 Optimists                  – Primarily used as a Cadet Boat
  • 6 Laser Picos                 – Used by Cadets and Adults as a Training Boat
  • 1 Laser Standards         – For the more experience Laser
  • 2 Laser 4.7                   – For the more experience Laser / Cadet Use
  • 1 RS Feva                    – A more technical Cadet boat (has a Spinnaker)

The club has the following policy which you should keep to when borrowing any of these boats:


Club Boat Borrowing’ Policy

Club boats are available on ‘Short Term’ loan for the benefit of Club members.

There is no charge for a Club boat; however users are expected to treat it as if it is their own.

Club boats are normally available on a first come first served basis, in order of priority:

1st Training

2nd Racing

3rd Practicing

4th Leisure

A Club boat, in special circumstances may be booked for an event such as ‘Cadet Week’ or ‘Winter Series’ through an application to the Class captain and approval by the Club. This does not apply to general Club Racing.

A Club boat should be returned to its correct location, complete and covered.

Any damage or breakage cause to a Club boat should be reported to a Club Officer ASAP after it has occurred. Club phone 01702 587563 email [email protected]

Any damage or breakage observed to a Club boats should be reported to a Club Officer before it is taken out and an assessment should be made on its seaworthiness.

Any ‘wear and tear’ that is noticed during or before use should be reported to a Club Officer and an assessment should be made on its seaworthiness.

Under normal use the repair to damage, breakage or ‘wear and tear’ will be at the Club’s expense.

The use of Club boats by Cadets is only allowed in accordance with the TBYC Safeguarding & Child Protection – Parents Charter at Protection Policy/.

When borrowing a club boat Members are personally responsible to know their own needs, skills & experience: Pay attention to The Sailing Programme. The weather. The tide & sea conditions. To wear appropriate clothing together with buoyancy aid.

Any person using the Club boats do so entirely at their own risk. Thorpe Bay Yacht Club will not accept any liability for personal injury or death sustained during or after the use of a Club boat. 

Reviewed. General Committee15thJanuary 2018


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