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May 27 2023

2023 RNLI pursuit race 2023

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TBYC RNLI Pursuit Race 27th May 2023 SSI’s
Race Duration and Entry
Entry fee for the race is a £3 per boat voluntary contribution. – All proceeds will be donated to the RNLI. Please place the entry fee in the container located on the main bar on the race day.
The Race Duration has been calculated based on the slowest class, International Cadet, sailing for 2 hours. Start times for all other classes have been calculated based on the handicap numbers in use at Thorpe Bay Yacht Club as at May 2023.
Classes not allocated a start time should contact the race officer by midday Saturday 27th May latest to be allocated a start time. Add DM email
Competitors sailing boats without a start time allocated that do not contact the race officer before this time will not be eligible to race.
The Course
Committee boat start – The start numbers / times will be posted on the Bosuns hut blackboard and each start number displayed on the rear of the Committee boat. The Course will be on the bow of the committee boat.
Shore Box start – start numbers will be adjacent to the club shore box, clearly visible.
The Start
The start time for the first boat (RS Tera Sport) is 16.30 hours
Start times for all classes have been rounded to the nearest minute and are published on the Start Times sheet attached to these supplementary sailing instructions. When possible, the Race Officer will answer questions regarding position in the sequence from competitors on the water This information is entirely at the discretion of the race committee and will not be grounds for redress.
Thorpe Bay Yacht Club Flags will only be used in the initial 3 minute warning and preparatory period before the first start.
International Code Flag R shall be used as the warning signal for the first start.
Sound signals shall govern the starting sequence thereafter.
The first start number will be displayed at 3 mins before the start and will not be removed until the start. Subsequent start numbers will replace the preceding number as soon as possible after the preceding class start and will be displayed for the duration of the time until the subsequent class start, e.g. If the gap between 2 starts is one minute the class start number will be displayed for approximately one minute. If the gap between 2 starts is seven minutes the class start number will be displayed for approximately seven minutes.
A single sound signal will be made for each of the designated starts even if no boat starts in that class.
There will be no recalls and at the discretion of the Race Officer premature starters will be penalised by 5 places in the finishing order, with no recourse to appeal or redress. Competitors are required to keep clear of the line until after the start immediately prior to their class.
The race will finish exactly 1.75 hours after the first start time. A support boat flying a blue flag will motor to the point where the lead boat has reached at the pre-determined finish time and sound a signal indicating that the lead boat has finished.
The support boat will drop an inflatable mark and all competitors shall sail towards this mark.
A support boat will then motor back through the fleet recording the finishing position of each boat as far as possible through the fleet. This is likely to be restricted to the front of the fleet depending upon conditions and positions on the course and is likely to be the first 5 boats only. (Where possible competitors should note the sail numbers of the boat in front of them at the time of the finish signal and record this on the declaration sheet the Bosun’s Hut.).
After the finishing sound signal, boats shall not overtake a boat in front but shall continue sailing until the support boat has passed them, recording their position, or the race officer on the support boat has indicated that he/she has finished recording places, at which time they will be deemed to have finished.
Start Times for Classes are below.


Class PN START NUMBER finish
RS tera sport 1445 1 16:30:00 18:15:00
topper 4.2 1420 2 16:32:00
mirror 1387 3 16:35:00
rs tera pro 1364 4 16:36:00
laser pico race 1265 5 16:44:00
rs feva xl 1224 6 16:47:00
laser 4.7 1210 7 16:48:00
sandhopper 1197 8 16:49:00
rs nero 1180 9 16:50:00
laser radial 1150 10 16:52:00
solo 1142 11 16:53:00
rs aero 5 1136 12 16:53:00
rs aero 6 1105 13 16:55:00
laser 1101 14 16:55:00
420 1100 15 16:56:00
national 12 1064 16 16:58:00
rs aero7 1063 17 16:58:00
finn 1049 18 16:59:00
rs 200 1046 19 16:59:00
hadron h2 1038 20 17:00:00
albacore 1037 21 17:00:00
rs aero 9 1010 22 17:02:00
phantom 1002 23 17:03:00
merlin rocket 980 24 17:04:00
contender 969 25 17:05:00
hornet 959 26 17:06:00
fireball 952 27 17:06:00
rs 400 940 28 17:07:00
dart 15 926 29 17:08:00
29er 897 30 17:10:00
musto skiff 845 31 17:14:00
rs 600 845 32 17:14:00
shearwater 809 33 17:17:00
shadow x 758 34 17:20:00
hurricane sx 695 35 17:25:00
a class 684 36 17:26:00
f18 670 37 17:27:00
tornado 646 38 17:29:00
nacra 20 604 39 17:32:00
foiling moth 570 40 17:34:00


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May 25 2023

Next Racing

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Check TBYC Sailing Instructions 2023

Date Start – Event – Tide

Check to see who is on Duty and make sure it is not you (It’s a scrollable window)

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May 24 2023

Cadet Mini Race Series

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Sunday 28th May we have the first CADET ‘MINI RACE’ SERIES.

This is open to all Cadets who can sail a Trapezoid course (Beat, Reach and Run). There will be up to four short races with support as needed.
It is aimed at those Cadets who do not regularly sail in the Main Clubs races.  (Those who recently completed RYA Stage 2 are very welcome).
17.00 Briefing on Sea wall. (Please be changed and rigged).
17.15 Leave Beach
Here are the Sailing Instruction for this series. TBYC Mini Race Sailing Instructions
Please fill in the short form to attend.
(This really helps to prepare the Race and Attendace sheet before the event.)
Nick and Andras
Piranha Sail Training on Sunday 4th June – Meet changed and rigged at 10.00 in the Sail Training Room. (Change of programme). Details will follow.

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May 19 2023

Kitchen closures

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Although the club will be open, the kitchen will be closed on Thursday 25th May and Thursday 1st June

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May 17 2023


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We need volunteers to help with the following Club Racing duties this weekend please

Please do volunteer if you can help


Sun 21 May 2022 12:30 Spring Sun – RIB Launcher – Covered thanks Jon

Sun 21 May 2022 12:30 Spring Sun – RIB Crew – Covered thanks Andras


The club tow car (BMW X3) is available to launch RIBs (any club member with a clean license over 25 is insured to drive it)

If you have a duty coming up and want a refresher on what to do please come along to any race and let the Duty Officer know if you would like to join a displacement or the committee boat to help / observe.

Don’t forget you can swap a duty with a VOLUNTEER PLEASE duty by emailing [email protected]

If you can help please volunteer / swap in the usual way via Dutyman or email [email protected]

Many thanks

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May 16 2023

Havens Hospices Half Marathon – Sunday 11th June

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This event is on the same day as the Nore Race.  The seafront will be closed for the duration of the race, although you will be able to cross the road with your boat when space allows.  Please be guided by race stewards.  Access to the grass car park may be restricted.   The first start is at 8.45am.

For more information follow the link:          

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May 11 2023

RYA Youth Sailing Scheme – Stage Two – places available

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We still have places for this RYA Stage 2 course – apply now!

Click here for Application Form

This year’s RYA Stage 2 Course and Assessment will be held on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May starting at 10.00 each day, finishing at 18.00 at Thorpe Bay Yacht Club. (Registration is at 9.45 on Saturday). This course is aimed at Cadets in Year 6 or above.

There are 6 places available on this course. You will receive an Email telling you if a place is available to your child. We will try to put on another course, once this one is full.

The course is designed by the RYA to ‘……give you a range of sailing skills and background knowledge to make you a confident sailor’.

The course requires two full days of ‘on-the-water’ training, classroom and field activities and assessment. Every candidate must complete both days and reach a reasonable standard to be awarded ‘RYA Stage Two’, a nationally recognised certification. The course is run by your RYA Qualified Club coaches.

The cost is £25 to cover administration, RYA Youth Sailing Scheme Book (G11), Certification and RYA Registration.  Please wait until your application has been accepted before making payment.

Click here for the full RYA Stage Two Scheme of Work (TBYC)


Cadet Training and Racing

[email protected]

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May 10 2023

RYA PB2 Qualification Rib Course – 26/27/28th May

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There is an RYA PB2 Rib course on the above dates. We have spaces available on first come first served for 2 more people.

The course starts on Friday 26th May from 18:30 hrs in the sail training room for the theory part of the qualification. It will continue on Saturday 27th May and Sunday 28th May for the on water training for 5-6 hours each day.

The cost to members is £100 – a fraction of the cost at a training centre! Costs cover your registration, certificates and fuel.

All we ask in return is that you will be added to the DutyMan Roster for Rib or Displacement Helm duties approx 4 times per year. You are welcome to do more if you wish.

Please email  [email protected] to reserve your place.

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May 08 2023

Cadet Training – Piranhas Sunday 14th May

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As part of our Cadet Development Pathway we invite Cadets who have basic sailing skills to this series of training sessions.


The training will develop the Cadet’s sailing skills through a series of exercises to a level that he/she can tack, gybe and control boat speeds, gaining the confidence to begin to race.


17.00 (5.00pm) Meet in the Sail Training Room (Changed and rigged)

18.00 Launch boats

19.00 Return to Shore

19.20 De-briefing and finish

Parental support on the water is appreciated.

Please complete the short form to enter, click on link below.


Cadet Training and Racing


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May 05 2023

First Aid Training 1st July

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The club is holding another First Aid at Work training day on Saturday 1st July.
The day will run approximately from 9am to 4pm. The cost is £65 per person.
If you would like to gain this recognised qualification or renew an expired qualification contact the club office.
01702 587563 or [email protected]

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