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Oct 23 2020

Notice to Members No.6

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Hi All

Once again, we have yet another consideration to guide our club through. On the 12th of October, to be implemented on the 17th October, the government announced yet another version of how the country must try to fight the virus. This, as I’m sure you are aware, brought in different measures in different locations. The government refer to this as a tier system, but is also known as Medium (Tier 1), High (Tier 2) and Very High (Tier 3) levels of alert – restrictions.

The guidance to this which was published just recently,  gives us as a club a further dilemma. Our members are generally local but also come from areas in different Tiers. See at

You can also find out which Tier you are in at :

The club is still in Tier 1 so we are not affected as far as opening is concerned at this point.

However again, this does affect how we as a club must operate.

In short:

If you are in Tier 1 then you can continue to enjoy the club under its current restrictions

If you are in a Tier 2 area you may only sit at a table with people from your household or one person living alone who you have exclusively formed a single bubble with.

If you are in Tier 3 then you may not visit the club at present.

This for the club is almost impossible for us to police so we have to ask you to be aware of which Tier your home address is in and abide by the rules accordingly to ensure all are safe when visiting our club. We would also respectfully ask that you add which tier you are in when signing in please.

This I know is far from ideal and all I can say is your committee will work swiftly and diligently to amend any rules as soon as we are able to do so.

In the meantime, keep safe
Kind Regards
Steve Hopper Commodore

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Oct 16 2020

Winter – Icicle Series and Frozen Sheets Sailing Instructions

Please click on the link to view the 2020/21 Winter and Icicle Series SI’s.

Please note the slight change in start schedule.

Winter-Icicle Series & Frozen Sheets SI’s 2020-21

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Oct 16 2020

Club hours back to usual times

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Good news, the staff member’s father has tested negative for Covid.  Unfortunately he is very poorly. We send our best wishes and wish him a speedy recovery.

The club has been thoroughly cleaned this morning and will remain open until 10pm this evening.

If you have any questions please call the club.  01702 587563

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Oct 16 2020

Club house opening late today 16/10/2020

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Dear Members,

This is to inform you that the club will be opening later than usual, at 12:30 today and may close after dining at 8:00pm due to a staffing issue. Notification of this will follow.

The reasons for this are that we have again been notified of a Covid 19 case that could affect club bar staff. This is due to the fact that the father of one staff member is currently being treated as a positive Covid 19 case and so that staff member has been told to isolate.

To make it clear the guidance says until that staff member (now in isolation) shows symptoms the club can continue to operate with its remaining staff following as it has, the relevant guidelines for covid safety as we have continually throughout. However as a precaution I have instructed a deep sanitizing clean of the Bar, Kitchen and club house. This will not be completed until 12:30. We do maintain a high standard and the measures in place are designed to keep staff, visitors and members safe.

I have increased this safety today by asking for that deep clean and adding in increased hand sanitizing behind the bar and in the kitchen. Please all do use the sanitizing facilities provided regularly.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but we feel it is in the best interests of the club, its visitors and you the members to ensure we maintain a high standard of sanitization and cleaning to keep you safe.

Kind regards
Wayne A Miller, Vice Commodore

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Oct 15 2020

Windsurfers and kayaks winter storage due.

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There are a number of windsurfing boards and Kayaks currently lying in the dinghy park many of which appear abandoned. If any are owned by members you are reminded that in order to be kept in the boat park you will need to pay a winter storage fee and insure your equipment has a winter storage label on it. The winter storage fee is a princely sum of £1.17 a foot. Any such equipment in the boat park will be removed and disposed of if found to have no winter storage paid. For those of you who wish to dispose of your unwanted boards and cannot take them home please leave by the rubbish bin out front and i will ensure they disappear.

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Oct 13 2020

Letter from Ann Warrington

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I can’t remember who  was present last Tuesday, so have reproduced Ann’s letter here to those concerned.

“Dear Friends

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you who turned out to pay your respects to Roy last Tuesday.  It was so sad that you could not attend the service itself but from the family’s point of view, it almost felt like more of a tribute.

We drove past the Yacht Club, Bowls Club and finally the Golf Club.  All clubs that Roy had spent a good deal of time and had a host for friends for many years.

It was extremely touching for us all to see you lining the road, despite the rain, and I thank you very much.

With love and best wishes

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Oct 11 2020

Changing Rooms

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Hi all as always the rules and guidance that we have to consider whilst administrating each element of our club are continually changing. However we as a committee pride ourselves in trying to keep ahead of the curve.


This now focuses us in how and if we can reopen the changing rooms. We see this as a priority with winter sailing now looming. Fortunately lots of work around social distancing and possible layout has already been done. We now need in light of changing guidelines to workout if we don’t fall foul of the rules and guidelines then implementing our plan.


With this element of the club like many others before there is a process and we will at all times report to you the members how this will work or if not possible at this time our thought process why it can not.
Assuming we can there will as always be guidance on how we can use this facility under the restrictions imposed during Covid 19. This guidance as always will be born from planning, execution, risk assessment and issue of guidance.


In the mean time stay safe enjoy the water, our fantastic club and we will continue to make it our priority to keep TBYC a safe environment during these unprecedented times


Kind Regards Steve Hopper Commodore

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Sep 27 2020

Winter Series Entry Now Closed

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Thanks to the very supportive membership we have the largest Winter Series entry ever! Winter storage is also over subscribed.
We look forward to having over 100 boats sailing throughout the winter.

Members who have not entered the Winter Series or Storage are kindly asked to remove their boats from the Dinghy Park by close of play next Sunday 4th October.

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Sep 25 2020

Golf on The Mud – Saturdary 1pm – Instructions and Rules

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TBYC’s Legendary Golf on the Mud is Back!!!!

Saturday 26th September 2020 First Tee Off at 13.00 water permitting

Full details and instructions available here TBYC 2020 Golf on the mud

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Sep 25 2020

NHS QR Code Scanning for Covid 19 Check-in

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When entering the club you will see the poster below, at the entrance, on tables and windows. This allows you to scan and check-in to the club using the NHS COVID-19 App available from the Google or Apple App Store.


Please also sign in so we are aware of club users. Non Smartphone users just sign in.


The app also allows contact tracing to be simplified if you unknowingly come in contact with somebody with positive Covid 19.


It is a mandatory request from the government that we make this facility available to you

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