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Aug 08 2020

Travellers Car Park and Slipway Nuisances

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On Fri 31/7/20 Travellers were prevented from gaining access to Club grass car park via Dinghy park.In order to attempt to avoid this occurring again the Dinghy park gates are to remain closed and locked when not in use during weekdays and will only remain constantly open between 2 hours before race start time and 4 hours after over the weekends. This is an inconvenience but not as much or as expensive as if unwanted persons attend.The broken gap between Club car park and council car park has also been temporarily fixed to prevent traffic between the two until the Council can fix it permanently.

Slipway youth nuisance has increased this year  which has been reported to both the council and local police both of whom have taken steps as a result to be proactive in their patrols. If there are further nuisances please report to local police via 101 which I appreciate can be frustrating and time consuming but what they don’t get reported to them does not get recorded or acted on. Alternatively  send me an email with details and I will update Police via the PCSO Abbie Reynolds or local Officer Pc  William Cheung.


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Aug 05 2020

Return to Cadet Training

We are delighted to announce that the club will now return to Cadet Training. This is not the Sail Training programme that the club runs but more specific coaching for cadets and indeed adults, who have a basic sailing knowledge and keen to learn more boat handling skills and some race craft.

A Risk Assessment has been completed as required for the Covid 19 issues, as for all club activities. The link to this is below.

Return to Cadet Training Risk Assessment TBYC V1

Please check the website for details to be posted very soon.

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Jul 31 2020

Return to Racing Guidance and Risk Assessment

AMENDED RISK ASSESSMENT – Includes Committee Boat and Racing with Participants from Different Households 

Racing is back at TBYC! 

Racing will now be as per the 2020 Sailing Instructions and the Committee Boat will now be in use full time.

HOWEVER! In order for this to happen within the HMG and RYA Guidelines, a lot of work has been done behind the scenes. We have completed a guidance document and a risk assessment which needs to be read by competitors and support teams alike.

By taking part, you will have been deemed to have read the attached documents and will follow the guidelines set.

As always we need volunteers to run racing, so please check Dutyman, your emails and the website and volunteer whenever you can.

We are delighted that we can now do this and look forward to a large turnout this weekend.


General Rules and Guidance – Back to Racing

Return to Racing Risk Assessment TBYC V2

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Jul 14 2020

Return to Racing

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Commencing this Saturday TBYC is returning to racing initially at weekends only.Start times will be as previously published i.e 1000hrs on Sat 18 July. To commence each race day will consist of 2 points races per day normal sequence of starts for all classes. It is a requirement for all those wishing to race that they have read and understood  the updated General rules and guidance and Return to racing risk assessment which will be posted on this site and at the club over the next few days.For those free sailing on race days I  would ask that you also read as above and in particular avoid launching from the beach and slipway for the 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time to assist with TBYC social distancing measures. Please continue to keep an eye on the club website/ notice boards over the coming weeks /months as we may need to amend the racing guidelines and format of races as we move forward.



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Jul 06 2020

Cadet Week 2020 Cancelled

Cadet Week 2020 Cancelled

As a committee we took the decision back in March to continue to plan for a Cadet week, but not to put out the application forms due to the uncertainty of the duration of lockdown. The General Committee have been meeting on a weekly basis, closely monitoring the guidance from the Government and subsequent changes to the advice given by the RYA and PLA.


Having reviewed the planned changes to restrictions issued last week and even with the gradual lifting of lockdown, the obstacles were too big for us to provide a safe event on and off the water. We have therefore taken the decision to cancel this year’s Cadet Week. This is not a decision we have taken lightly, we are disappointed but feel it is the right decision.


As the summer progresses I look forward to seeing more people re integrating with the club and getting back on the water in whatever form that may be. When as a club we are able to organise activities safely, we will look at the remaining planned Cadet programme for the season and issue further guidance.


Jeremy Sandford

TBYC Cadet Representative

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Jul 03 2020

Club Opening Guidance Video

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The Guidance for visiting the opening club has been placed on this website and previously sent by email. A video has been produced to guide you through the process which would be wise to view before visiting.

The Video can be viewed at


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Jul 03 2020

Guidance for Club Opening

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Hi All

Please see attached guidance notes for the bar and food offering. It is limited for both your and our staff’s safety.

General Rules and Guidance No.4 Club House r2

TBYC Club Covid Diagramme Ground Floor r2

TBYC Club Covid Diagramme 1st Floor r1

As you will read it has been produced within current HM government guide lines, rules and regulations.

The primary information we have used to produce our covid safe operation can be found:

With frequently asked questions on what is and isn’t permitted from the 4th July:

May I also take this opportunity to thank:

Tony Byrne (Health & Safety)
Paul Palmer (Medical)
Martin Swindon (Leisure Sector)

Who were co-opted, in to an opening committee along with myself, Vice-Commodore Wayne, Paul Morgan, James Johnson and Janet.

Steve Hopper, Commodore

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Jun 30 2020

Dinghy Park Halyards

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This message is for those whose boat in the dinghy park has a mast.  Please ensure that halyards are secured away from the mast.
Your volunteer committee has plenty to do with the day to day running of the club.   Please don’t add “smoothing ruffled feathers” to the workload.
Let’s be good neighbours.
Thank you.

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Jun 27 2020

Notice to Members from the Commodore

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Firstly, as always, please may I thank all of our wonderful members for your co-operation, understanding, patience and continued support. Your Committee are very appreciative.

We are now following revised guidance from HM Government, working hard at getting our Club House back open at the earliest opportunity.

It is our intention to re-open the Club House on Saturday 4th July. However, our primary concern as always is to provide as safe an environment as possible under Covid 19 restrictions. This will be a low key return with many safety measures (more guidance to follow).

In short, such measures will be:

  1. Advise to visit only if well and not experiencing any coronavirus symptoms or anxious in any way
  2. Practical steps such as one-way systems
  3. Screens and social distancing markings
  4. Seating only with limited space. Please do not be disappointed if the Club is full, it is for everyone’s safety
  5. Bar, food and toilets only, no changing facilities
  6. Cleaning stations and sanitizer at all tables
  7. Increased cleaning regime Signing in book to be completed by all members to comply with NHS track and trace.

The above is just some of the key measures, full details will follow shortly, and all will be displayed on Club TVs and around the Club. Also, as always, information will be circulated to all via email, Club website, Club Facebook and letters to those who do not have access to electronic communications.

I would again rely upon your co-operation with these restrictive measures and please understand the controls have been very carefully considered for the safety of members and staff.

Yours faithfully

Steve Hopper

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Jun 12 2020

Club Toilets – Now open for Limited use

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We have now assessed and released the toilets in a limited capacity to club members only.

These are for essential use and NOT changing rooms.

To enable more room externally the parking bay closest to the rear door is suspended please do not park there. Also, the smoking area is suspended.

The existing disabled toilet is now set up as Disabled / Family and Ladies only, and the existing Gents is now set up as a lockable toilet and re-designated as Unisex.

Guidance on toilet use under Covid 19:

  • All toilets now have engaged / vacant sliding signs please operate to indicate usage
  • All touchable surfaces must be wiped down before and after use
  • All toilets must be left clean after use. Please leave as you would like to find them
  • In toilets, the lobby cleaning station and the external cleaning station, there is sanitizer for your use
  • The toilets have soap as usual for you to wash your hands
  • The cleaning stations have disposable wipes to wipe down all touchable surfaces
  • The rear door must also be wiped down and has been changed back to the existing access code
  • Signage will be posted at the rear door and by the cleaning station to help
  • Please also remember to be patient and do not forget you can always remind people to be mindful of distancing
  • Please observe social distancing 2m
  • As in all establishments across the country we would remind you that you use the facilities entirely at your own risk and we would urge you if you feel unsafe not to use the facilities
  • The remainder of the club remains closed at present. Although your committee are working towards how we may re-open however this is likely to be in stages and observing social distancing

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