Programme for 2021


Cadet Racing Results

All results for Cadet events will be published below:

(Click on the link to download a pdf file into your ‘download’ folder)

TBYC Cadet Scores 1st May 2021

TBYC Cadet Scores 15th May 2021

Cadet Mini Regatta 2021 v3

TBYC Cadet Scores 12_05_2021

TBYC Cadet Scores 10_07_2021

TBYC Cadet Scores 17_07_2021(1)

Cadet Training / Racing – Sundays

Start times are as in the Handbook and published on the website

04th April 23rd May 01st August
11th April 06th June 08th August
18th April 13th June 15th August
25th April 27th Jun 22nd August
02nd May 11th July 05th September
09th May 18th July 26th September
16th May 25th July 03rd October

Cadet Advanced Training – Saturdays

Start times are as in the Handbook and published on the website

10th April

01st May

15th May

12th June

10th July

17th July

31st July

21st August

Cadet Trophies & Events

More information will be published on the website

Saturday 28th August – Cadet Regatta

Sunday 29th August – Cadet Regatta

Monday 30th August – Cadet Regatta

Saturday 11th September – Barts Bash

Saturday 18th September – Matt Dear Trophy TEYC

Sunday 19th September – Essex YC Team Race


Cadet Training and Racing – these sessions will be aimed at all abilities. Cadets must be able to beat, reach and run, and be able to sail to and from the training area.
Advanced Cadet Training and Racing – these sessions are for more advanced Cadet sailors, usually Year 8 and above.

Briefing is 30 minutes before the start (See website for individual sessions).

All activities are put on the TBYC website and Facebook, during the week before the event.


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