Cadets 2022

All Events and updates are published on the Home page of the website

Cadet Water Activity Application Form



TBYC Cadet SOP v2  

(Click on the link to download a word file into your ‘download’ folder)


Cadet Racing Results

All results for Cadet events will be published below:

(Click on the link to download a pdf file into your ‘download’ folder)

Race Training 08_05_2022

TBYC Mini Race Series DAY 1

TBYC Mini Race Series DAY 2

TBYC Mini Race Series 18_04_2022

Race Training 03_04_2022

Race training 29_05_2022 v2

TBYC Mini Race 05_06_2022 v2

TBYC Cadet Fun Sail 11_06_2022

Race training 19_06_2022

Race training 03_07_2022

TBYC Mini Race Series 07_08_2022

Race training 14_08_2022

Race training 04_09_2022

Race Training 02_10_2022


TBYCPicoFleet Youtube Channel – lots of good information, not just for Pico!  (Andras Gal) 

Cadet Mini Race Series – Sailing Instructions – TBYC Mini Race Sailing Instructions

Club Racing – Key Points for Cadets – Main Race Key Points


Start times are as in the Handbook and published on the website

Cadet Race Training / Racing

Coach: Nick Alston

Sunday 03th April

Sunday 8th May

Sunday 29th May

Sunday 19th June

Sunday 3rd July

Sunday 14th August

Sunday 4th September

Sunday 2nd October

Cadet Mini Races

Coach: Nick Alston / Andras Gal

Monday 18th April

Sunday 5th June

Sunday 17th July

Sunday 7th August

Sunday 25th September

Cadet ‘Fun Sailing’

Coach: Andras Gal

Sunday 12th June

Sunday 31st July

Sunday 11th September

Oppie Beach Club

Coach: Adam Clark

Saturday 2nd April

Saturday 23rd April

Saturday 7th May

Saturday 21st May

Saturday 5th June

Saturday 18th June

Saturday 2nd July

Sunday 17th July

Saturday 6th August

Saturday 20th August

Saturday 3rd September

Saturday 17th September

Saturday 1st October

Tera – Squad Training

Coach: Andras Gal

Sunday 17th April

Sunday 22nd May

Saturday 16th July – Tera Open

Sunday 18th September

Saturday 8th – Sunday 9th October – Tera East Training

Sunday 3rd July

Saturday 16th July

Cadet Trophies & Events

More information will be published on the website

Sunday 1st May – Cadet Mini Regatta

Monday 2nd May – Cadets Mini Regatta

Saturday 27th August – Cadet Regatta

Sunday 28th August – Cadet Regatta

Monday 29th August – Cadet Regatta

Saturday 10th September – Barts Bash

Saturday 8th October – Matt Dear Trophy TEYC

Sunday 9th October – Essex YC Team Race

Monday 25th July to Friday 29th July – Cadet Week

RYA Youth Sailing Course

Co-ordinator: Andras Gal

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th May – Stage 2

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June – Stage 3


All activities are put on the TBYC website and Facebook, during the week before the event.


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