Programme for 2019


Cadet Training and Racing

Date Activity Coach Start (Briefing ½ hour before)
Sun 7 April Cadet Training/Racing (Andras) 13:00
Friday 19 April 2 Day Race Training (Nick) 11:00
Sun 21 April 2 Day Race Training (Nick) 12:30
Sun 5th May Cadet Training/Racing (Nick) 11:30
Monday 6th May Cadet Training/Racing (Nick) 12:30
Sun 26th May Cadet Training/Racing (Andras) 16:00
Sat 1st June Cadet Regatta (Nick and Andras) 10:00
Sun 2nd June Cadet Regatta (Nick and Andras) 11:00
Sat 8th June BSDRA Thames Valley Championships

(TBYC Team Racing Squad)

Sun 9th June Cadet Training/Racing (Nick) 15:30
Sun 23rd June Cadet Training/Racing (Andras) 16:00
Sun 30th June Cadet Training/Racing (Nick) 10:00
Sun 7th July Cadet Training/Racing (Andras) 14:00
Sun 21st July Cadet Training/Racing (Andras) 13:30
Sun 11th August Cadet Training/Racing (Nick) 9:00
Sun 25th August Cadet Training/Racing (Andras) 17:30
Sun 1st Sept Cadet Training/Racing (Nick) 12:30
Sun 15th Sept Bart’s Bash (part of Club race) (Nick and Andras) 12:30
Sat 28th Sept Matt Dear Trophy
Sun 29th Sept Interclub Dinghy Team Race
Sun 6th Oct Cadet Training/Racing (Nick) 16:00


Cadet Training and Racing – these sessions will be aimed at all abilities. Cadets must be able to beat, reach and run, and be able to sail to and from the training area.


Briefing is 30 minutes before the start and usually takes place in the Sail Training Room.


All activities are put on the TBYC website and Facebook, during the week before the event.


Printable copy at Cadet Programme for 2019


Cadet Racing Results

All results for Cadet events will be published below:
TBYC Cadet Scores 8th September

TBYC Cadet Scores 1st September

TBYC Cadet Scores 18th August

TBYC Cadet Scores 30th June

TBYC Cadet Scores 10th June

TBYC Cadet Scores 1st June

TBYC Cadet Scores 26th May

TBYC Cadet Scores 6th May

TBYC Cadet Scores 5th May

TBYC Cadet Scores 21st April

TBYC Cadet Scores 19th April


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