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Apr 14 2021

Next Racing

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Date Start – Event – Tide

Check to see who is on Duty and make sure it is not you (It’s a scrollable window)

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Apr 14 2021

Cadet Race Training this Sunday

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Cadet Race Training Sunday 18/04/2021.
Launching on the beach sharp at 14:00, be ready.
Watch last’s week’s briefing video to know more.
Theme: you tell your boat…

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Apr 08 2021

TBYC Cadet Training and Races

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We have a full programme of training and races organised this season for our Cadets, as published in the Handbook & Programme of Events 2021.

On most Sundays there is Cadet Training and Races for Cadets of all ages. It is suitable for sailors who can sail a triangular course, sail to the training area safely and willing to listen and learn.

On six Saturdays there is Cadet Advanced Training. To make these sessions productive, they are ONLY for the more experienced sailors probably Year 8 and above and based on ‘Racing fast’. All classes of boats are allowed and races will be using the Portsmouth Handicap system

This week……….

CADET ADVANCED TRAINING – SATURDAY 10th April, meeting at 10.30 am changed to leave the beach at 11.00am. I am holding a virtual briefing for 20 minutes on zoom this Friday at 7.30pm. I all participants can join us, but it is optional. Details below: (Click on the link or enter the ID and Passcode).
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 792 5666 3436
Passcode: t2d49t
Please also complete to Google form if you are attending on Saturday.
[email protected] 07815 113459
There is no Cadet Race training this Sunday due to a RYA Power Boat course, but back to normal the following week; keep checking the website.

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Apr 03 2021

Cadet race training Sunday 16:00 start on the water

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I hope to see you. New sailors welcome. This is not beginner’s sail training, sailors need sailing skills and confidence to sail alone.


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Apr 02 2021


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We need volunteers to help with support boat duties this weekend please


Sat 03 Apr 2021 15:00 Spring Sat – RIB Launcher – COVERED – Thanks Adrian

Sun 04 Apr 2021 16:00 Spring Sun – RIB Launcher – COVERED – Thanks Adrian

Sun 04 Apr 2021 16:00 Spring Sun – RIB Helm – SWAP WITH JOHN CASSON OR VOLUNTEER PLEASE


Don’t forget you can swap a duty with a VOLUNTEER PLEASE duty

If you can help please volunteer / swap in the usual way via Dutyman or email [email protected]

Many thanks

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Apr 02 2021

2021 Sailing Instructions

Please see below the 2021 sailing instructions.

Please would all Race Officers read carefully especially the Course Section.

If you have any questions please contact either below.

Enjoy 2021 on the water!


TBYC SI 2021_R2


Howard Warrington                                 Mark Dell

Rear Commodore Racing                         Sailing Secretary

[email protected]              [email protected]

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Apr 02 2021


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Morning sailors,

Today sees the opening of the Dinghy Park and the start of the sailing calendar. Members are now allowed to bring their boats to the dinghy park for storage.

The Dinghy park storage plan is in place, and all those needing storage have been allocated a space, however with a number of Sandhoppers and Cruisers remaining in the Dinghy Park till the 16th, space is limited and affects rows I K L M N and the Racks. The storage plan is therefore impossible to implement properly.

For this reason your allocated space may not be available, either because it is occupied by a cruiser or another dinghy who was allocated the space for winter storage and is unable to move to their space.

For the next two weeks until the remaining boats are lifted in, please simply temporarily store you dinghy in the North of the park using the hawsers visible in the remaining space to secure your boat. Some dinghies will then need to be moved during the lift in on the 16th. This can be done for you by the lift in team (club members) or you can move it out of the way yourself prior to lift in. Please do not secure using padlocks at this stage.

I will publish the proposed space allocation prior to the 16th, when after lift in members will be required to move their boats to the allocated spaces as soon as possible.
If you are unsure where to place your boat or need to clarify anything, please send me a message and I can pop down to assist. I am around at the club Saturday and Sunday and available to help all this week.

Thank you all for your flexibility, understanding and help as we try to get the club up and running and back to normal as soon as we can and restrictions allow.

Jeremy Sandford
Dinghy Park Officer

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Apr 02 2021

Cadet Race Training Sunday 4/4/2021

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Cadets and Parents!

Our first session is on Sunday 4th of April.

Please, sign up on this google sheet:

Be ready to launch rigged and changed on the beach at 16:00.

Changing rooms are closed.

I suggest you come with sailing gear on. 

Dress up warm, many layers, fleece, winter hat, gloves …

The theme is: Sail with your sail!

Two pencil marks will be laid. You must sail between the two. You must not sail beyond these marks. 

Warm up: reach between the two marks, tack around each end. Sheet in , then let the sail out, try different sail settings. Which one makes you sail the fastest?

Drill one: Stopping on the whistle. Sail up and down between the marks. Turn head to wind when I blow the whistle. When I whistle again, grab the boom, pull it well in over the side you are sitting on. The boat will turn away from the wind. Get going again.

Drill two: Keep sailing up and down between the two marks. I will ask one boat to stop. Their task is to accelerate just at the right time and sail side to side with the next boat passing by. Try to match their speed. They should help by adjusting their speed.  How can you go faster? How can you slow down a little?

Drill three: stop on the whistle by letting your sail out to flap.  Do not turn head to wind. On the second whistle tack your boat around by sheeting in very quickly with two hands. Do not hold he tiller! Then get going

Race: stop on the line (between the mark and my rib). I will count down 1 minute. Start on the whistle, sail to the next mark, sail around, come back through the line.

Game: Collect the floating white milk can and bring it to me. You will get a reward. Then sail alongside a friendly boat and pass them the milk can. They shall bring the can to me for a reward.

See you on the water:


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Mar 29 2021

Return To Racing – Risk Assessment. PLEASE READ

Please click on the document below to understand the protocol we need to adhere to.

See you on the water!


Rear Commodore Racing

Return to Racing Risk Assessment 2021 TBYC V1

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Mar 28 2021

TBYC Sail Chart 2021

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From tomorrow Monday 29th March the dinghy park, club slipway and toilets are open for all our members to use in line with current government rules on social distancing. The committee boat is planned to return on Wednesday ready for the start of a full sailing programme for the Easter weekend. The first half of the lift in will take place on Thursday 1st April. For those members who did not pay winter storage they may bring their dinghies back to the dinghy park from 2nd April.  A risk assessment for returning to sailing and 2021 sailing instructions will be posted and circulated.  Please note in line with government rules both changing rooms are not to be used so currently members need to come ready to sail.


Commodore TBYC

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