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Sep 13 2021

Sandhopper Nationals 18th / 19th September 2021

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Sep 13 2021

Cadets: Preparation for Matt Dear and Interclub races next weekend at TEYC

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Both Events are at Thames Estuary Yacht Club.
Important Meeting this Thursday at 7.30pm to complete Consent forms and arrange/organise transport of boats. I will also brief the Cadets for 30 minutes after the Parents meeting.
1. Those needing trailer to transport either own boats or Club boats to meet at the club at 8.00 am. (Time will be finalised at the meeting on Thursday.)
2. Rig boats / change
3. Matt Dear Briefing at 10.00am
4. Race starts at 11.00 am
5. Leave boats overnight.
1. Rig boats / change
2. Interclub Briefing at 10.30am
3 Race starts at 11.30 am
4. Return boats to TBYC. Trailers must be unloaded and boats and all equipment returned to their original position. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

I need to send off names to the organisers on Wednesday morning, so I need to know:

Name of Helm, name of Crew , Boat Class, Rig (if applicable) and Sail number.


On Sunday, sailors are put into teams of fours. If your youngster wishes to make up/or want to be in a specific team, then inform me in the same reply, otherwise I will choose.
Please E-Mail me by Tuesday evening, so I have time to collate the information needed. My address is [email protected]
Click on the link below to see the Sailing Instructions etc. but don’t worry I will go over the main points on Thursday. The Consent form needs to be filled in either before (print out and complete, bring it to the meeting) or on Thursday.
Nick Alston
Cadet Training and Racing

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Sep 09 2021

Cadet Training and Races – Prep for the Matt Dear and Interclub Races

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On Sunday 12th September there is (Intermediate) CADET TRAINING AND RACES with Nick in preparation for the Matt Dear Trophy and Interclub Cadet Team Race at Thames Estuary YC the following weekend. The starting sequence at TEYC is 5, 4, 1, minute GO, we will practise that.

To make these sessions productive, they are ONLY for the more experienced sailors, probably Year 8 (crews may be younger) and above and based on ‘Racing fast’.

All classes of boats are allowed and races will be using the Portsmouth Handicap system.

Briefing at 13.45 on the beach (Changed and rigged).

Leaving the beach at 14.00.

Debriefing by Cadet Rib store 40 minutes after the last boat returns.

Please click here to complete the form to help with the organisation.

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Sep 09 2021

Cadets: Barts Bash

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This Saturday is Barts Bash for all sailors starting at 13.30. There will be a separate start for Cadets similar to the highly successful Rebellious Bowl, 3 minutes after the main fleet.


I encourage those Cadets who can sail a full course unaided to participate.


I will give an optional briefing at 12.45 outside the Sail Training Room and ensure everyone is happy with the course and starts etc.


Cadet Training and Racing

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Sep 09 2021

Reporting of property related works, ideas & Volunteering

Reporting of property related works & ideas 

We are moving into a digital age, gone is the whiteboard in the bar for jobs that need to be done around the club.  Instead, we are moving online.

  • There is now a document that allows you to see what jobs have been reported around the club and what stage they are at, to see more click this link: TBYC Existing Work
  • If you have checked the document above and you would like to register any new work suggestions or have any property related ideas, you can do this by completing the following online form: TBYC Work Suggestions & Ideas
  • We will use both systems to manage the works around the club. We will archive off the completed works once a quarter after they have been reported through the General Committee.


TBYC thrives on its amazing volunteers, and we would like to make sure that we understand who you amazing people are. Therefore, we are asking if you are volunteer or would like to volunteer that you let us know who you are. This is not a commitment from you to do work, we won’t schedule you to do any work without coming to you first and asking if you would like to help. It just allows us to understand who may want to do some jobs around the club and who has this skills and time to do so. It will also allow us to join up on occasion, those that that are skilled and want to teach with those that want to learn that skill.

  • The link is here: TBYC Volunteer Information System
  • Once a job or idea is approved by the General Committee, we will post this on the club’s website as a volunteering opportunity and email out to the appropriate volunteers to see who is available to help the club to complete the job.

Please feel free to let me know if you would like to volunteer for any of the jobs that are on the TBYC Existing Work list at any time, as Adrian says say many hands make light work!

Thank you
Scott James
House Rep
[email protected]

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Sep 09 2021

Can you help out at TBYC as a Volunteer?

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Sep 09 2021

Winter Sailing 2021 – Action Needed by all Dinghy Owners

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Dear Members


Again we find ourselves very tight on space in the dinghy park. We are approaching the Winter Storage issue and what we do with all the boats! The Sailing Committee have agreed a similar approach to last year.


We may be unable to accommodate all dinghies wishing to sail or be stored at the club over the Winter. With over 200 dinghies, Cruisers and Sandhoppers there just isn’t room.


There will be storage only for some Lasers and Piccos but this will be on the racks and offered on a first come first served basis. There will be limited storage for other classes elsewhere.


Application forms need to be with the Club Secretary before the 17th September so that a plan can be made before lift out. Any late payments (if accepted at all) will incur a £20 surcharge.


There are a great number of unloved and unsailed boats in the dinghy park. We would encourage these members to seriously consider removing these boats or disposing of them if not sailed. We are first and foremost, a sailing club and priority of storage will be given to those who can demonstrate regular use of their craft over previous winters



Howard Warrington
Rear Commodore Racing TBYC

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Sep 08 2021

Cadet Sailing over the next two weekends

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Cadet Sailing for our ‘slightly’ more experienced Cadets, more details to follow.
Saturday 11th September – Barts Bash. I encourage Cadets to sail this race. Course and details will be published Thursday morning.
Sunday 12th September – Advanced training (Prep for next weekend’s competitions).
Thursday 16th September at 7.30 in Sail Training Room . Meeting for Cadets and parents to arrange transport etc. for Matt Dear and Interclub Cadet Team Race both now at Thames Estuary YC.
Saturday 18th September – Matt Dear Race at TEYC. ( A dedicated race for Cadets only in memory of Matt Dear who tragically passed away in 2009.) The aim of the charity is to raise awareness of the dangers of Anabolic steroids and appearance and performance enhancing drugs. We support this every year.
Sunday 19th September – Inter-club Cadet Team Race at Thames Estuary YC. (Change of venue).
A busy time for TBYC Cadets!

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Sep 04 2021

Ann Mckinlay

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It is with sadness I announce that one of the club trustee’s Ann Mckinlay passed away peacefully at her care home on Friday 3rd September.

Ann a life member had been active at the club since 1951 until the last few years. Many members have fond memories of her keeping the Race Officer in check on the old red committee boat.

On behalf of the club I send our sincere condolences to Ann’s family

Adrian Bunting

Commodore TBYC

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Sep 03 2021

Rebellious Bowl – Cadet Trophy this Sunday 5th September

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The Cadet Trophy called Rebellious Bowl is being raced this Sunday. The published start time is 10.30 plus 3 minutes.

The race will be sailed as part of the Club racing. I encourage those Cadets who can sail a full course unaided to participate. Read the sailing instruction for details of the start and course. TBYC-SI-2021_R2

I will give an optional briefing at 09.45 outside the Sail Training Room and ensure everyone is happy with the course and starts etc.


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