The General Committee

Commodore – Steve Hopper (email: [email protected])

Vice-Commodore – Wayne Miller (email: [email protected])

Rear-Commodore (Racing) – Adrian Bunting (email: [email protected])

Rear-Commodore (Cruising) – David Cater (email: [email protected])

Cadet Representative – Jeremy Sandford (email: [email protected])

Sailing Secretary – Howard Warrington (email: [email protected])

Social Secretary – Anthony Davis (email: [email protected])

House Representative – Vacant (email: [email protected])

Treasurer – David Tierney (email: [email protected])

Sail Training Officer – Vacant (email: [email protected])

Membership Officer – Candy Miller (email: [email protected])

Club Secretary – Secretary (email: [email protected])

The Sailing Committee

Rear-Commodore (Racing) – Adrian Bunting (email: [email protected])

Sailing Secretary – Howard Warrington (email: [email protected])

Sail Training Officer – Vacant (email: [email protected])

Bosun – John Casson (email: [email protected])

Dinghy Park – Nick Elmore (email: [email protected])

Race Results Officer – Graham Dare (email:  [email protected])

DutyMan Administrator – Mark Robinson (email: [email protected])

Support Boats (RIBS) – Tony Clarke (email: [email protected])

Support Boats (Displacements) – Toby Speller (email: [email protected])

Cadet Representative – Jeremy Sandford (email: [email protected])

Fast/Slow Mono-Hull Class Captain – Wes Absolom (email: [email protected])

Fast Multi Hull and 

Winward-Leeward Mono Hull Class Captain – Julian Reichert (email: [email protected])

Albacores Class Captain – John Payne (email: [email protected])

Sprint 15/Catamaran Class Captain – Keith Persin (email: [email protected])

Sandhopper Class Captain – Howard Warrington (email: [email protected])

Pico Class Captain – Andras Gal (email: [email protected])

Feva Class Captain – Nick Alston (email: [email protected])

The Cruising Committee

Cruising Captain – David Cator (email: [email protected])

Cruising Vice-Captain (Rear Commodore Cruising) – David Cator (email: [email protected])

Cruising Secretary – TBA (email: [email protected])

Cruising Treasurer – Colin Keeling (email: [email protected])

Cruising Social Secretary – TBA (email: [email protected])

Mooring Officer – Paul Farrall (email: [email protected])

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