Oct 28 2021

Showers in the ladies changing room

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We are aware that the showers in the ladies changing rooms are not as hot as they should be. We are working on a solution to this as quickly as possible. However, we want to make sure that the resolution is a long lasting fix not just a temporary one.

As soon as we have an update we will update this post.

*** 04/11/2021** Update:  We have identified that number two boiler is not working and as a result we are down 25% of the heating capacity of the showers. Therefore rather than turn off showers we have reduced the pressure in the mens showers to retain the temperature of the water and this has increased the temperature of the water in the ladies. This is not an exact science, but after a lot of back and forth this seems to be the best solution to the problem on an interim basis. We have called a number of engineers to look at the problem, but parts even to service seem to be a challenge. The company who have serviced the boilers for years, quoting they will not get the parts for a service alone until January. Therefore we are looking at all options available to us including upgrades to the current systems. As soon as we have more information I will continue to update this post.

Scott James
House Rep
[email protected]


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