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May 29 2020

Volunteers needed for SS2 / SS3 helms this Saturday 30th May

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We need Helms for SS2 & SS3 this weekend please. This is for trot boat duties only – ferrying sailors to cruisers and Sandhoppers.


Saturday 30th May 16:00 – SS2 Helm – Covered thanks John Casson

Saturday 30th May 16:00 – SS3 Helm – Covered thanks Janet Willsmer


Please note: One helm will need to row out to SS2 as RIBs are not in use.

If you can help please volunteer via dutyman in the usual way or contact me via [email protected]

Thanks for your support

Mark Robinson – [email protected]

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May 22 2020

Volunteers needed for SS2 / SS3 helms this weekend

We need Helms for SS2 & SS3 this weekend please. This is for trot boat duties only – ferrying sailors to cruisers and Sandhoppers. Outstanding vacancies are:


Sunday SS3 Helm – Covered thanks Paul Graves

Monday SS3 Helm – Covered thanks Sue Daly


Please note: One helm will need to row out to SS2 as RIBs are not in use.

If you can help please volunteer via dutyman in the usual way or contact me via [email protected]

Thanks for your support

Mark Robinson – [email protected]

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May 08 2020

VE Club Decoration

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This is the club in it’s full VE Day Regalia, even though we are still in Lockdown.



It is being enjoyed by many walkers.

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Mar 25 2020

PLA Notice to Mariners – COVID 19 Restrictions

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Port of London – River Thames NOTICE TO MARINERS No.6 of 2020  – 24 March 2020


We are issuing this in line with current Government Coronavirus guidance, placing restrictions on movement.

To reduce social contact, travel and potential strain on emergency services, we strongly recommend that all recreation and leisure activities on the tidal Thames are avoided until further notice.

Our priority at the PLA is to help ensure the UK continues to receive essential supplies of food, fuel and medical goods at this time.

As a result, we expect to have a reduced capability in responding to recreational incidents on the river.

To support our essential port operations, we are reducing the operating hours of our harbour service patrols between Putney and Teddington.

We are grateful for your co-operation in these exceptional circumstances.

Port of London Authority
London River House, Royal Pier Road,
Gravesend, Kent DA12 2BG

Bob Baker
Chief Harbour Master

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Mar 18 2020

Coronavirus Update from the Commodore

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Hi All
I hope you are keeping safe and well.

We are exploring many ideas at present and these may or may not be able to be implemented or even have a need or requirement depending on members appetite for the ideas and services.

Some of the ideas are:-

1 Possibly using the club’s buying power and contacts to buy some essential groceries and cleaning products and combine them in packages to be available to purchase at cost by members (a very exclusive grocery store).

2. James, our chef, has also expressed a willingness to possibly offer a locally based Meals on Wheels (would require some volunteers of which both my wife and daughter have offered to help). This would be primarily aimed at the elderly and less able members or as many members as we can cope with. Prices in line with business as usual.

3. If possible and current government advice allows, each class captain could offer help with launch and upkeep of boats

4. TBYC community: we are also looking at helping in other ways. Can we help people who are isolated with shopping or other tasks requiring local travel?

5. Have a virtual lunch with a TBYC friend. Randomly pick either someone on the Facebook group or a friend from the club and arrange a lunch whilst on Skype or FaceTime (Let’s stay in touch)

6. Introducing via social media, web and email a frequently asked questions and answers list. Please check there first if you have any questions or concerns

There will be many more ideas and we are actively working to use this time wisely. Currently we are trying to be as considerate as possible to our valued and hard-working key staff. So, what does that mean.

For this week we have told all staff “business as usual” however this does not mean stay at home and do nothing and that incidentally is not what they want either. As from Tuesday the 17th (Day One) the main bar has been completely emptied of all stock and glasses and is undergoing a complete deep clean and reorganisation as is the Commodore bar and the kitchen.

This will extend around the Club for as long as possible being mindful of costs of course.

Other aspects of the club such as stock, suppliers etc are all being reviewed and or suspended to limit financial impact

The above being said we are in a strong financial position for just such an emergency. We just have to be careful to limit how we managed to spend

Our club does not stand still. We are looking forward to opening up as soon as possible with a clean and improved facility

In the background we are also working on a new Bosuns and Race hut project, RIB store project, extensions of the dinghy park, a feasibility study on the bar layout and resurfacing of the rear car park. I have met with my architect on many of these and will l have preliminary plans within two weeks and a target to go for planning within one month.

If we consider these projects are of value, we will then enter the next stage of working out how we would fund the projects.

1. Possibly grants
2. Member sponsorship
3. Part Work parties
4. Government help to potential loss etc etc etc
5. Fundraising event

That’s all for me now, keep safe and well, and know this, the decision to temporarily close has not been taken lightly and is for the safety and well-being of all

Your Commodore
Steve Hopper

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Dec 01 2019

Cadet Christmas Party ticket deadline!

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Ticket sales for the Cadet Christmas Party close on Wednesday 4th December!

Don’t miss out call into the club in person or call Janet on 01702587563.

Members £7.50 Non members £10

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Nov 28 2019


We need volunteers to help with the following Club Racing duties next few weekends please


Sat 30 Nov 2019 12:00 Winter Sat – SS7 Helm – Swap with Nick Turner or Volunteer please

Sat 30 Nov 2019 12:00 Winter Sat – SS7 Crew – Swap with Grant Williamson or Volunteer please


Sun 01 Dec 2019 13:00 Winter Sun – SS8 Helm – COVERED THANKS DAVE AYRE


The club tow car (RAV4) is available to launch RIBs

Before driving it please check you meet the club insurers criteria  under section Club Tow Car Duty Guidance.

If you have a duty coming up and want a refresher on what to do please come along to any race and let the Duty Officer know if you would like to join a displacement or the committee boat to help / observe.

Don’t forget you can swap a duty with a VOLUNTEER PLEASE duty

If you can help please volunteer / swap in the usual way via Dutyman or email [email protected]

Many thanks

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Nov 22 2019

Cadet Christmas Party 2019

Sunday 8th December, 16:00-19:00

Urgent Reminder to purchase tickets for the Christmas Party by the end of the month. Tickets are available over the bar or by phone.

  • £7.50 Members
  • £10 non members

As always take up is slow until nearer the date, however we need ticket sales to let the event go ahead, don’t disappoint Father Christmas, he loves coming to TBYC!

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Nov 22 2019

Cadet Christmas Party tickets available to non members!

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TBYC Cadets!

Get your Christmas Party tickets quick as from today they are being released to family and friends of members @ £10 per child!
Don’t miss out on your Christmas Dinner, disco and visit with Father Christmas! 🎅🤶🎄🎉🎊

Get your parents to pop into the club or call Janet on 01702587563! Please state any allergies when booking

Ticket sales close 1st December!

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Nov 21 2019

This weekends Feva Theory Training

There is Feva Sail Training this weekend, although all Feva owners are aware and the club boat us being used, any interested cadets may attend any theory sessions by contacting Conrad Stevenson or myself. 08:30 start Saturday, 09:00 Sunday.

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