Sail Training 2020

Sail Training Application 2020

Our sail training courses are open only to club members, if you are interested in membership please refer to
Children and adults, families and individuals, all welcome.

All of our trainers are volunteer club sailors, please, respect them.
Further volunteers are welcome.

Recommended minimum age is 8 years.


  • Stage 1 Sail Training
    9th of April, Thursday, 18:30 start – dry training
    11-12 of April, Saturday – Sunday – yes, that’s Easter!


  • Stage 2 Sail Training
    7th of May, Thursday, 18:30 start – dry training
    8th and 9th of May, Friday Bank Holiday and Saturday


Please, read the Terms and Conditions for Sail Training carefully on the website.

Sail Training Terms and Conditions 2020

Please, read the following documents applicable to all club members.
This is relevant to Sail Training:

Child Protection Policy
Child Protection Procedures
Child Protection Parent Charter


TBYC Child Protection Policy

Applications should be submitted electronically on the following links:
You will need to know your membership number!


Sail Training Application Forms Stage 1 and Stage 2

Stage 1

Stage 2:

Please, do not submit applications on paper forms. We do not wish to struggle reading those, spend, time with creating and organising databases. We rather spend time on the water. The computer shall work for us.

Contact: [email protected]

Please, get in touch with Janet, our club secretary if you have a problem with the electronic form (technical problems, no internet access, disability…), we will help.

I hope to see you on the water soon.

Andras Gal
Sail Training Officer

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