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Jul 04 2016

The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 – Effective 1 January 2017

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Just when you have attended the Racing Rules night, World Sailing has now published the next version of the rule book which we will be using next year and into 2020.

The book is available at[20946].pdf and by looking within at the right margin, a vertical line indicates a change, addition or deletion.

The majority of them are simple technical changes to sort out small problems found in the application of the rules. However there is a introduction of the term ‘support person’, those people that are with competitors (coach, parents, etc) who through their behaviours can now cause a competitor to have a penalty. There is also a further additional section around Gross Misconduct.

I am sure in the the next 6 months many of us will interpret all the changes in various ways.

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Jul 03 2016

Nore Race 2016 Videos

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Jun 27 2016



Rules night 2

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Jun 06 2016

Race Officer Training 2016

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A couple of weeks back, Alan Willis did an excellent presentation for existing and new Race and Assistant Race Officers. You may have missed the evening or just want to go back over the presentation or handouts (a very useful one page summary).

They have now been made available with other helpful material in Club Duty Guidance (available from the left hand webpage options) under Race and Assistant Race Officer .

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May 16 2016



WEDNESDAY 18th MAY at 8pm

Alan Willis is running his popular training session on how to be a Race Officer next Wednesday 18th May at TBYC club main bar.

The night will focus on Setting the Start Line and Setting the Course but will also cover everything you need to know on how to run a race and have lots of tips on stress free race management plus an opportunity to ask questions!

If you are RO or ARO this year – especially at the beginning of the season – now’s the time for experienced hands to brush up their knowledge and for new ROs to learn the ropes.

Even if you are not RO / ARO this year come along and learn how the starts work – it may help you get off the line better! And at least you will know what the flags actually mean….

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May 16 2016


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Sep 19 2015

Rib Launching

Tony Clarke will continue to ensure our ribs are fuelled and ready for action, although will not be able to undertake his support boat duties for most of the rest 2015.
This will mean that we need volunteers to undertake the vacant RIB helming and RIB launching/recovery duties over this period.
RIB launching/recovery will require volunteers with a vehicle with towing point to deliver and retrieve the two RIBs between the clubhouse and the slipway on each occasion.

If you are helming or crewing a rib, you will need to ensure it is washed down, rinsed through and the cover and clamp on.
Please can those members with suitable vehicles volunteer for one or more occasions. You can volunteer through Dutyman ( a new duty of RIB launch/recovery has been added) or contact Graham Dare ( [email protected], 07946 413923)
Clearly, if we cannot get enough volunteers for RIB launching/recovery we will need to review our sailing programme.
Thank you in anticipation of your help.
Rear Commodore ( Racing)

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Aug 29 2015

Volunteers Required for this Sunday

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Due to things out of our control we need volunteers for the following roles during tomorrows Benfleet Shield Race.

Race Officer  –  Assistant Race Officer  –  Safety Boat Crew

This race will not take place without at least two of these position being filled as I am sure you would understand. If you can offer your help please contact Steve Healy on 07821 085700 or myself on 07741 201052.

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Aug 10 2015

Safety Boat Cover

On Saturday we had no volunteers to run the second rib.  We could not lower the engine on the one rib we had launched and the breeze was up.  Once again in the absence of volunteers a huge thank you to Peter, Rupert, Struan, Kerryn for not racing and jumping straight onto safety boats to ensure your safety during racing, Toby for launching 2 more ribs at short notice  and Paul Farrall for manning SS2 before the start during a pre race rescue of the RS which involved helm and crew separated form the boat and Chris Boshier who was helming SS2 sailing it in.  When thing go wrong, they go wrong quickly.  Without the swift and selfless actions of such active members of TBYC we would struggle to safely run our current busy racing programme.

Keep an eye on Paul Morgan’s Weekly sailing posts, if it says VOLUNTEER PLEASE, we need your help to keep others safe.  If you are around, inexperienced or not racing, keep some kit in the car and step up, your help is always welcome.

Thank you in anticipation.

Jeremy Sandford

Rear Commodore Racing

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Jul 16 2015

Rib Launch and Recovery Duty

The use of Ribs to supplement our displacement Safety craft SS2 and 3 has become a common sight at TBYC.  Our Ribs provide excellent speed of response in an emergency situation, allowing the easy laying of the Start buoy and use of Special marks as well as taking the Race officer and displacement crews to their boats.  In order for us to enjoy use the Ribs they need Launching prior to the race and recovering after every one is ashore.

The task of launching and recovering the Ribs has now been added to Dutyman for the rest of July and August to keep track of who volunteer to do this essential job.  At the end of this time the Sailing Committee will review the situation going forward.

Treating launching and recovery as two separate duties we have 44 duties to cover over the next two months.  Rob Baily has kindly volunteered to cover this Saturday Launch and Recovery, with Toby Speller taking 18 of the duties straight away.  The remaining launch and recovery duties need covering if we are to see Ribs supporting our Weekend Racing.  If you can help, please volunteer through Dutyman, or email Janet, Graham and I to get your offer of cover added on to Dutyman.

Thank you all for your help and support in enabling the use of Ribs to continue at TBYC.  Without your help it won’t happen.

Jeremy Sandford

(Rear Commodore Racing)

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