May 31 2010

Submarine U14

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Many thanks to all the lovely boys who found and recovered Zeus yesterday. Also a massive thanks to those who helped put her back together again!!!

What a team!!!

Oh!……and for rescuing Rupert and Barry!!!!

Linda x

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  1. Barry Duceon 01 Jun 2010 at 15:20

    thank god I was there to calm Rupert down, we were wet enough without him crying like a baby, oh and it was all his fault!
    ive never been so happy to see a seasafe, thank you for all the offers of help and beers that flowed over the weekend, Linda has banned me from Zeus as Ruperts version of how he sank her boat are different to mine,
    Linda he was watching the airshow whilst I was doing everything!

  2. Linda Snowon 01 Jun 2010 at 16:13

    Rupert here… As you know Barry, I have been fascinated by the new sporting craze sweeping Europe (google liquid mountaineering and see for yourselves). I was armed with a pair of Hitech wet shoes on the day in question and simply wanted to know if I could manage it from a standing start. It looks as though you do need the run-up as the curve to port was not enough on its own.
    Too cryptic? – see ‘liquid mountaineering’ and be amazed…but do not try it from a submerged sandhopper!
    Thanks again to all for the wonderful help. Sorry to have cried like a baby?? and used so many of your hankies, I have dried them out for next time…when is the Nore?!!!

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