Feb 13 2023

Sandhopper Class Rule Changes as a result of the recent AGM

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SCBA Rule Changes as a result of the recent AGM:

Link to 2022 Rules for reference

t) Headsail furling / roller reefing device and fitting plate, which shall retain the forestay and be fixed to the forestay plate above the deck.

**Not less than 158 litres of additional floatation equipment must be fitted forward of the mast.**

Floatation equipment of any type additional to the foregoing may be fitted under the deck’s seats or floors.
All flotation equipment must be maintained in good condition.
Note: Where a full height aft flotation tank is fitted this shall comprise of a compartment formed between the hull, deck and athwart ships bulkhead of plywood of not less than 12mm in thickness and not more than 2500mm. nor less than 2400mm. aft of the forward buoyancy tank. Such tank shall contain not less than 0.18m3 of either securely fixed closed cell foam with a density of not less than 150kg/m3 and water absorption by volume or less than 8% or securely fixed rigid wall air containers.

**The boat shall be equipped with personal buoyancy for each crew member to the minimum standard ISO 12402-5.**

Sails shall be made and measured in accordance with the ISAF Sail Measurement Instructions except where varied herein. With the exception of windows, the sails shall be made of a single ply woven fibre cloth, the body of the sail shall be flexible and be capable of being folded flat in any direction without damaging the fibres.
Any finishing material or coating applied to the cloth shall not prevent the sail being folded flat.
For the material to be considered as woven, when it is torn it shall be possible to separate the fibres without leaving evidence of a film. Specifically, the use of Kevlar, Mylar, Carbon Fibre and similar materials are banned.
A maximum of 2 unwoven windows are permitted in the mainsail and a maximum of 2 unwoven windows are permitted in the headsail. The maximum size for each window shall be **0.75 **square metre. No edge of the window shall be closer than 150mm from any edge of the sail. In addition, a maximum of 3 Genoa/Jib tell-tale windows is permitted, of maximum size of 150mm diameter. The cloth used for all headsails and mainsail shall weigh not less than 185gms per square metre.

The rules document will be issued and updated shortly to the association website. Draft AGM Minutes (as they are not approved until the next AGM) will be issued to all current members of the SCBA.

Thank you
Scott James
SCBA Chair
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