Dec 14 2011

Winter Sunday Race 5 Cancelled

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Race Notice

Winter Sunday Race 5 programmed to start at 15:00 hours on Sunday 18 December 2011 is cancelled.

Reason: dusk is less than an hour after the programmed start time and it is not feasible to move the start time forward and not appropriate to run what would otherwise have to be a very short race.

This notice is posted in accordance with Section 3 of the Sailing Instructions.

Graham Dare
Rear Commodore (Racing)

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2 Responses to “Winter Sunday Race 5 Cancelled”

  1. Kevin Ileson 15 Dec 2011 at 10:17

    Very sensible. Presumably somone will be revisiting the results so the number of races to count for the Sunday series is all three, as per the sailing instructions, rather than the two currently showing?

  2. Jeremy Sandfordon 15 Dec 2011 at 18:07

    Thanks Kevin, yes i had noticed that when i uploaded them on sunday, it will update when i put this saturdays on.

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