Sep 27 2010

Windy Weekend at TBYC for 29er 49er B14 & Musto Skiffs

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if you had a choice the comfort of the Clubhouse could have been favourite this past weekend.
For the travelling fleets of 29er 49er B14 & Musto Skiffs their journeys were rewarded with some excellent seat of your pants sailing and the odd swim.

We are very lucky to have the as always true professional of Alan Willis within our club who as Race Officer did an excellent job in very testing offshore windy, cold, wet conditions controlling the race course and the motley crew that assisted him including the one man comedy act of Nigel Payn on hooter, Ann Mckinlay on gossip, Alix Dell, Sally Willis and Lisa Farrell on their last and future shopping trips. How Alan survived i am not sure as there was also a lack of the traditional smoked salmon and champagne…
With 52 boats there were a fair few fallers at the gybe keeping all the guard boats very busy.
Many thanks to the club members who supported with their own ribs on this occasion and many others to give the necessary cover.

Steve Hopper
Martyn Eyre
Ollie Herve
Burrage Boys

club ribs,
team Clarke,
team Boygle,

back in the clubhouse Tony Padbury on results, in the Kitchen Jo slaved away from the early hours on breakfasts through to the evening Hog Roast and all this on her Birthday!

Club members sailing in the event put on an impressive display, in the 49ers David Hopper taking 1st with Colin and Amanda Goodman 2nd both outstanding with Colin showing why he is in my opinion the best helmsman in our club.

Dan Henderson in his Musto Skiff finished a very credible 3rd ahead of the current national champion, Dan who is still underweight against the competition in the windy stuff even overcame a bad hair day following an impressive off in front of applauding committee boat and guard boat spectators.

thanks again to all who gave up their weekends to support this event,


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  1. Barry Duceon 27 Sep 2010 at 2:29 pm

    Well done David, fantastic to watch all those high performance boats blasting along in that breeze. it was so funny watching Dan Henderson swimming and throwing his dummy out.

  2. Dave Hallon 27 Sep 2010 at 4:22 pm

    On behalf of the 9er classes and all the visitors can I also voice our thanks to the club for putting on an excellent weekend. Also to reiterate Peters thanks for all those who put themselves out and stayed out in the rain until the last boat was home. The reports I have had back from sailors has been nothing but praise for a memorable weekend in more ways than one.

  3. Barry Duceon 27 Sep 2010 at 5:12 pm

    also a big thankyou to Gary and Tracey haylett who stepped in at the last moment to cover seasafe 2.

  4. Rupert Snowon 28 Sep 2010 at 5:24 pm

    Absolutely great event all round. I also would like to thank Gary and Tracy Haylett for filling the shoes of someone who did not turn up for their rescue cover (and who were due at a 5oth birthday party). Our boat was called out to help the 9’ers and that left them to cover the club race. So thanks guys and i hope you made it to the party, all be it a little late. It was a real privelage to see the talented skiff sailors tackling the elements and, in many cases, making it look very manageable. I have to say i was glad to be in a Sandhopper for the Sunday with 400kg of lead as ballast under the keel and Barry NOT on the foredeck!

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