May 07 2008

Tales of Carnac

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Three boats from TBYC attended Raid de Carnac 2008, Ian and Simon Keam-George, who managed to break their mast on the way to the event but organise another just in time to start racing, finishing mid fleet just above David White & Jon Sweet, both teams on their new F18 Cats. David had a few of his own problems, one of which was just trying to get over the channel with out his passport. On Davids first race in the 125 strong F18 fleet, he managed to break his rudder stock which ended in a capsize in the middle of this lot, Sh**! and had to retire till the next day. Wayne and my self on the Hurricane 5.9sx had a great first day with a position of 16 out of a 41 boats, sailing in a F5 but that was the end of the wind. The following 3 days had dying or no wind, resulting in less races being run than usual. Our long distance race of 40 nm ended being timed out after 6.5 hours on the water and 100 yds from the finishing line, We could almost smell the beer! Carnac is set in the Gulf of Morbihan which is just in the bay of Biscay, Lovely place with sunny beaches etc. but! this was my first visit to Carnac YC and this event, the French club just couldn’t organise a pi??-up in a brewery. All this, makes you thankful to the hard work put into running TBYC and the sailing program. Our races! 99% are run on time! and all with members support. Well done! Cheers from your fast cat capt.

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