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2019 TBYC Endeavour

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TBYC Endeavour Trophy – 2019


Commodore, Steve Hopper suggested that we invite all last year’s class winners to sail in the Sandhopper against our National Champions. Little did he think I’d take him at his word! We did it. And what an event it was.

Poaching the name from the Royal Corinthian’s famous and highly prized Endeavour Trophy, we set about our own. Although after some discussion it was decided that this should be a perpetual trophy, sailed each year but for any class to offer the challenge and defend their honour against the top crews in the club. Next year we could be in Picos, Hurricanes, Lasers; whoever offers up the challenge first.

This inaugural year was ours. The Sandhopper. Eight very special owners offered up their boats to be used in the regatta which was a resounding success. Lots were drawn for who sailed which boat at the cadet week prize giving, with an invite going to the winners of the cadet week to take part. Of course, we had to handicap our National Champions and they gracefully accepted to sail Primo – our class boat kindly sponsored by Primo Insurance. She’s very overweight with old sails, ropes and spars and most of the anti-fouling missing of her hull.

Here’s how the day went…..

After a practice race which was won by Kyle and Matt in Sand Star, everyone seemed to have got the hang of the mighty Sandhopper! Yes, there’s lots more to them than most thought. No time for tea and sandwiches downwind…!

Race 1

All were clear at the start although the competition was hot and all crews were pushing up for a clear lane. It was incredibly close at the top mark. Pray came out first with Duncan and Ronnie. Primo, Bluejacket, Zeus, Sand Star and The Dogs all pilled round after them. Kites all up reasonably quickly and pulling well. Many of boats were running line abreast and trying to out fox the other with wind shadows and a bit of luffing. Although on such a short course a hard luff would let more through underneath.

At the Bottom mark, Primo had found the way through and now trying to extend their lead. Pray was 2nd and the Laser boys; Rick and Adam were finding form in Bluejacket. Primo and Zeus tacked off to try and put some distance between the others. The wind was holding true and with around 8-10 knots, it was looking good. Boats were taking either side of the beat with an even flow of tide against them. Back at the top mark and Primo had extended a nice lead and looking comfortable. Bluejacket had found the way passed Pray. Sand Star and Zeus had also switched places.

The finish stayed with Primo taking the bullet, but Bluejacket had caught up well and was a close 2nd. Pray had tacked off early going for the pin end and lost a spot to Zeus who just snuck inside by the Committee Boat. Sand Star almost pulled off the same move but came in a bow fitting behind Pray.

Race 2

Primo and Sand Star were over the line and had to come back. Again, the wind was true and boats took to either side of the beat. Primo and Sand Star having to work hard to get back in the pack. At the top mark; Bluejacket came round first with the Sprint boys showing their worth in Obsession with Steve and Alan. Zeus in 3rd with Chris and Robin. Primo had managed to pick the right way up the beat and came round in 4th but closely followed by Sand Star, Pray, The Dogs, Sandswan and Squiffy bringing up the rear with Hannah and Lydia, our cadet week winners. All boats were together downwind. With such close racing it was hard to see who was in front of who. Primo was working hard to pull back into the top 3 and was soaking of to the left of the course to try and be the inside boat at the rounding. At the bottom mark, Bluejacket had held their lead, Obsession went for a safe early drop on the kite thus allowing Primo to pull off an overlap and just squeezed round inside and now up into 2nd. Zeus was next then the Dogs, Pray and Sand Star. Bluejacket tacked off early and Obsession followed clearing their air from Primo. Bluejacket and Obsession’s early tack paid off and they followed each other over the line onto the 2nd lap. The rest of the fleet came bundling over the line all so close it was again hard to decide who was in which place.

At the top mark, the Laser duo had it covered and holding a nice lead. Primo had passed Obsession into 2nd as had Zeus now in 3rd.  Sand Star, Sandswan, The Dogs and Squiffy were next. On the run Bluejacket was pulling away and Zeus was now giving Primo some trouble and had pulled alongside. Rounding the bottom mark Primo had got round in 2nd. Zeus then tacked off to try and re-take the place. Primo tacked to cover knowing that Bluejacket was unstoppable and manages to hold the 2nd spot to much relief.

Race 3

Again, all very close to the line but all clear at the start. At the top mark it’s Primo leading but now with the Finn pair of Mark and Sander, who had now worked out which way round the Sandhopper went and were hot on their heels. Zeus was up there again in a consistent 3rd. The Hurricane boys of Julian and Jeremy were also doing better in 4th. Sand Star, Bluejacket (did they peak in the last race), Pray, Obsession and Squiffy.

Down wind and the Finn boys were working the old girl (Sandswan) well, using the waves and body weight aft, were trying to get the Sandhopper up on the plane. They managed it somehow and pushed past Primo. The Dogs, Zeus, Bluejacket and Sand Star were pushing each other hard and were very close indeed but stayed in that order as they crossed the line for lap 2.  Back at the top mark and Mark and Sander had pulled out their lead nicely. Primo next with Zeus having got passed Bluejacket into another 3rd place. The Dogs, Bluejacket and Sand Star were hammer and tongs trying to find the pressure and the surf which was now building as the tide had now turned and the breeze increased a little. Sand Star with Kyle and Matt found that surf and slipped inside The Dogs and Bluejacket. Over the Line and Mark and Sander took a solid win. Primo 2nd and yes, Zeus 3rd with Sand Star 4th.

Race 4

Just for fun we pushed the pin forwards to give a pin end bias. Who would go for the pin or out into the stronger tide which was now running? Squiffy, looking for glory went for the port hand flyer and almost made it across but not quite and was duly put about. Bluejacket took the tide option as did The Dogs. All so very close again upwind. It was Obsession for the 2nd time in the day to round with a lovely lead. Then Pray, Primo, The Dogs and Sandswan with barely a fag paper between them. I’m not sure what Primo did but they found someway inside the lot of them and rounded the bottom mark first, Bluejacket 2nd and The Dogs doing well in 3rd. Primo then did turns so must have been very busy at the mark. However, they manage to fight back and at the top mark for the final time were leading again. However, Sand Star had made some good ground upwind and rounded on their tail. The Dogs and Sandswan next. Zeus wanting that consistent 3rd was flying down the course after them. Yet again, the run was so close. Boats everywhere! Sand Star found the surf and managed to get passed Primo. Obsession, looking ahead and deciding that the bottom mark rounding was going to get very messy indeed, went for a very early kite drop and promptly dropped from leading to the back of the fleet the rest all piled over the top. Even Squiffy with some jubilant cadets on board found the pace to pass them.

As it was Sand Star rounded 1st and headed to the finish to take the win. Primo tacked off to cover Zeus and consolidate their 2nd place. Zeus – you guessed it, another 3rd! The Dogs was next then Pray, Bluejacket, Sandswan, Squiffy and Obsession.

What a day’s racing! The best that the race committee consisting of myself, Steve Hopper, Paul Beasley and Richard Barnes had witnessed anywhere for a very long time. Truly awesome! Well done to all the crews. A special mention must go to our cadets; Hannah and Lydia (assisted by Ben Warrington with rope pulling). They were up against some of the best of our club’s sailors in a boat vastly more powerful and heavier than their Feva and every race they did better and better. Well done girls.

Pete Thompson and Mark Dell were crowned TBYC’s first Endeavour Winners, with possibly one of the closest sailed regattas this club has seen. They had to fight very hard using their experience to get Primo moving – bless her!

Final Results:

Position Boat Name Helm Crew Class Points
1st Primo Peter Thompson Mark Dell Sandhopper 7
2nd Zeus Chris Boshier Robin Foster-Taylor Contender 12
3rd Bluejacket Rick Paxman Adam Smith Laser 15
4th Sand Star Kyle Stoneham Matt Rainbow Nacra 17
5th The Dogs Julian Reichart Jeremy Sandford Hurricane 20
6th Sandswan Mark Petty-Mayor Sander Kooij Finn 21
7th Pray Duncan de Boltz Ronnie Barnes Single Handers 24
8th Obsession Steve Healy Alan Grant Sprint 15 29
9th Squiffy Hannah Cole Lydia Stevenson Feva 35


Many thanks to our owners: Rupert Snow, Richard Barnes, Will & Sue Daly, Mark Jewell, Steve Hopper, Peter Thompson, Alan Burrell and Paul Beasley, Team Squiffy.

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  1. Julianon 06 Aug 2019 at 4:01 pm

    Excellent write up Howard, almost as exciting as the actual racing! Thank you to you and your team for organising and running the day, the owners for letting us (gently) race their boats and to Steve for funding the trophy! It was a great event, the racing was so so close, with every boat on the pace – 4 winners from 4 races says it all. I have not heard that much shouting at a windward mark in a long long time!!

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