Sep 09 2013

A Class Nationals Report

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The UK A-Class Nationals at Canvey started in sunny summer conditions with 14 boats from around the UK and Piet Saarberg from Holland competing and quickly ended up as winter, as very wet squally weather blew through. Friday was a sunny balmy 20 odd degrees and wind of 10-15kts, just perfect for A’s and the fleet started to enjoy the close racing around a typical upwind around spreader and down to go through a gate before heading back through the start/finish line. This was going to cause problems when the Canvey cat open were going to join in on the same course on the Saturday/Sunday.


Saturday! And what a difference 24hrs makes, wind now a steady 18-25kts and white crested waves, God knows how the A’s hate waves. The boats are very strong and being made out of Carbon, 75kg all up weight, very light and can fly off waves rather than cut through them. The race officer says the game is on and the mixed fleet of catamarans and the A’s

Head out to the start line before long several boats retire because of the conditions. First start for the A’s gets abandoned when heavy squall comes through and knocks several boat down but most are fine and the problem is were too quick around the course and catch up with the 3rd start which are flattened on the start line and we have to sail around the carnage. Typical I have a good start and in 3rd place, never mind back to the beginning and 20min wait till wind abates to a reasonable level. Off we go again and getting good starts and end the day in 4th place after six races, had to come in on the 6th race due to shackle on the main sheet failing and had give the spare to another competitor just before the race, Mmm! Won’t do that again.


Sunday was meant to be light winds and sunny, how the meteorologist’s

Get it so wrong, strong squally winds and rain yet again and some of the fleet head in early as the start is delayed and the wind changes direction yet again. I think the race officer and team did a great job in getting two final races off, as the weather was so changeable. Final out come I finished in a credible 4th position behind a former UK champion, European champion and a up and coming star in the form of Sam aged 24yrs, Lucky B**tard to have started so young in the class.

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