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Dinghy Park Allocation 2022

TBYC Dinghy Park Allocation 2022 – Members only.xlsx

Please use the link above to access this year’s Dinghy Park Allocation. It can be accessed using the password emailed to members, or by contacting the Dinghy Park Officer, Secretary or Bar Manager.

Spaces should have been allocated to all those who have paid for storage this season. The first tab is the list of spaces, boats, and members, the second tab is the visual plan showing the location in the dinghy park. If your sail number is not listed, please email it to the Dinghy Park Officer.

From April, all boats in the Dinghy Park are required to display this years Dinghy Park sticker on the transom. These are provided by the club secretary and available behind the bar.

Each row has spaces wide enough to suit the allocated dinghy or catamaran, however, should it not be suitable, please contact the Dinghy Park Officer.

To minimise movement the larger boats that have sailed the Winter Series have been allocated the same spaces for the summer season. Lasers and Picos have been assigned suitable sizes spaces in no particular order. If those classes wish to swap amongst themselves, please liaise with the class captain then advise me of the swaps or revised order.

Free spaces on the plan may be swapped to, however only if the dinghy is an appropriate size. For example, a Pico will not be assigned a Sprint space. Please contact the Dinghy Park officer if you wish to swap.

Thank you for keeping your space tidy and free from litter and weeds.

Enjoy your boats and happy sailing in 2022.

Jeremy Sandford

TBYC Dinghy Park Officer


The Club has space for approximately 270 dinghies and catamarans plus assorted kayaks, sailboards, paddle boards, canoes and club tenders.

Summer Sailing and Storage.

During the summer sailing season – April to October, the dinghy park plan is posted on the notice board in the main lobby together with a list of allocated spaces.

If you have paid the relevant sailing or storage fee, you are allocated a space for storage between April to October only.

To promote cohesion amongst the various classes, dinghies and catamarans are usually stored alongside boats of a similar class. It is acceptable for dinghies and catamarans to move spaces in their respective rows by swapping with another of a similar class providing both owners agree. This may make access more user friendly especially where road trailers are involved.

Space in the dinghy park is at a premium so we do ask owners to keep to their allocated spaces rather than expand sideways.

There are some straightforward objectives and responsibilities to having a space in the Dinghy Park.

  1. To keep your boat in its allocated space.
  2. Keep the space around your boat tidy and free of weeds and litter.
  3. Tie your boat down to the cables which is required by your insurance company.
  4. All owners of all craft are required to have a valid third party liability insurance policy in place for their craft with a minimum of GBP 2,000,000 to cover the duration of the storage both in the dinghy park and whilst afloat..
  5. Pay your fees on time.
  6. Write your name and sail number on the rear part of your cover and trolley tag.
  7. If you wish to keep a road trailer in the dinghy park then you are required to keep
  8. your boat on the road trailer.
  9. If you sell or replace your boat then please inform the dinghy park representative and the Club secretary.

For those who require a space.

Before bringing your boat into the dinghy park, please contact the dinghy park representative – details are on the web site and main programme giving details of your class, sail number and email address.  Providing there is room, a space will be provided upon payment of the relevant fee. This also applies to Kayaks, Sailboards, Paddle boards and Canoes.

Each year we do find one or two craft, sailboards, launching trolleys, road trailers and broken spars where space has not been requested or approved and in some cases these appear to be abandoned.  Thorpe Bay Yacht Club is an affiliated club to the RYA and we follow the guidelines of the RYA in dealing with abandoned boats, various crafts, trailers and masts etc as well as unpaid fees.


Winter Sailing and Storage.

The cruisers and Sandhoppers are laid up in the dinghy park between November and March each year and available space is reduced by half.  All dinghies, catamarans and other craft which are not taking part in the Winter and Icicle series or have not requested winter storage are required to remove their boats / crafts immediately after the planned date of the End of Season Trophy Race. This date can be found in the Sailing programme, web site or on the notice board in the lobby. Apart from removing your boat / craft please ensure everything else associated with your boat / craft is removed and leave your space clean and tidy.

To enter the Winter and Icicle series, entry forms are available from the web site or from the Club secretary and entrants are selected on a first come basis.

Winter Storage forms for those not participating in the Winter and Icicle race series including Cruisers, Picos, Oppies, Sailboards, Paddleboards, Kayaks and Canoes are available from the web site or from the Club secretary.

There is not room to store all craft and again permitted storage is subject to how quickly forms and fees are submitted. Priority will be given to those entering the Winter and Icicle race series.

Please remember, all owners of all craft including sailboards are required to have a valid third party liability insurance policy in place with a minimum of GBP 2,000,000 to cover the duration of the storage both in the dinghy park and whilst afloat.

Accurate details are required for both summer and winter sailing especially with sail numbers as this data is required by the race results officer to formulate the race data base.

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