Sep 09 2021

Winter Sailing 2021 – Action Needed by all Dinghy Owners

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Dear Members


Again we find ourselves very tight on space in the dinghy park. We are approaching the Winter Storage issue and what we do with all the boats! The Sailing Committee have agreed a similar approach to last year.


We may be unable to accommodate all dinghies wishing to sail or be stored at the club over the Winter. With over 200 dinghies, Cruisers and Sandhoppers there just isn’t room.


There will be storage only for some Lasers and Piccos but this will be on the racks and offered on a first come first served basis. There will be limited storage for other classes elsewhere.


Application forms need to be with the Club Secretary before the 17th September so that a plan can be made before lift out. Any late payments (if accepted at all) will incur a £20 surcharge.


There are a great number of unloved and unsailed boats in the dinghy park. We would encourage these members to seriously consider removing these boats or disposing of them if not sailed. We are first and foremost, a sailing club and priority of storage will be given to those who can demonstrate regular use of their craft over previous winters



Howard Warrington
Rear Commodore Racing TBYC

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