May 21 2020

Trot Boats/ NO Support Cover

Published by at 11:39 pm under Club Notices

Until further notice TBYC will be running 2 trot boats on each weekend and bank holiday sailing days. This is  subject to obtaining volunteers each duty and will be available from 1/2 hr before previously scheduled club start times to just after HW but will require sailors to ensure they have made suitable arrangements with the trot crews for their conveyance ashore when first going afloat. The trot will be in the main crewed by one person and will only take  one  set of crew afloat at a time. The trot will only be used if the wind strength is 15 mph or below as measured from the Pier head. Volunteers will be required to book via duty man which has suspended all previously booked duties for this summer sailing at present. The club is currently not providing support boats for those sailing and the 15 mph limit is regarding the use of the trot boats only. It is for members to make their own risk assessment re wind strength etc but further consideration should be taken into account that the level of assistance in general on the Thames if needed will be greatly reduced

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