Mar 15 2021

Rules regarding current access to TBYC dinghy park and car park.

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In line with Government rules and RYA guidelines.

TBYC from the 8th March  allows members to access the dinghy park to remove only their own personal equipment (i.e.dinghy) stored there in order to exercise. If you are using your dinghy from the dinghy park to go afloat then you may also use the car park. The Club private slipway CANNOT be used all launching and recovery must be from the beach.

If your personal equipment (I.E dinghy/windsurfer/ paddle board) is currently not stored in the dinghy park then by law TBYC  cannot allow you access to the dinghy park or car park even if you wish to go a float.

TBYC  is currently shut to all other members unless its access for professional paid work to be done, to ensure the safety of personal  property or to do voluntary work for the club which otherwise would be paid for.

All members are reminded that the government message is still stay at home and exercise locally.

The good news is on the 29th March unless things change TBYC will be open bar the clubhouse and changing rooms ready for a full Easter programme.


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