Apr 20 2011

Rib Etiquette at TBYC

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With the rise in numbers of privately owned power craft within the club and the enthusiasm for members to use them for following and supporting sailing activities, the General Committee have been asked to highlight the applicable club byelaw & suggest the following guidelines. 

TBYC Club Byelaw 3.1L:-

“Motorised craft, such as Ski Boats, RIBS, Jet Skis and other PWCs owned by Club members, will only be permitted to use the Club Slipway, when in possession of the written permission of the General Committee and their use is solely for the support of a Club activity.” 

With granted permission General Committee usage guidelines:- 

A)   To launch / recover outside of Dinghies launching / recovering from racing. This includes a period of 45 minutes prior to the published race start time to allow sailing dinghies clear access to the slipway & beach.

B)   Club Ribs to be given priority for launching & recovery as they are required to support Club activities.

C)   All ribs to be moored in such a way that does not prevent or hold up the      launching of sailing dinghies.

D)   Speed limit inside moorings & beach area is limited by PLA byelaws to a maximum of 8 knots

E)   No towing of skiers, wakeboards or inflatables within the moorings area.

F)   When launching from the Club Slipway it is Club Policy that adequate Personal Buoyancy for all persons on board must be worn whilst afloat.

G)   In calm weather (under force 2) speed to be kept at a minimum if navigating in/around the racing fleet to avoid large wash.

H)  Owners are solely responsible for ensuring they have adequate insurance coverage & are responsible for operation of the craft including if they have lent the craft to a third party.

I)   Owners to be aware that road vehicle drivers that have passed a UK driving test since 01st January 1997 may not be entitled to tow a trailer & boat combination over 750Kg. Please check directly with the DVLA. 

Thank you for your continued support.

TBYC General Committee – Spring 2011

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