Oct 23 2023

Post Lift In

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Now that the lift in is complete, as always there is some “shunting” to do. This is down to the owners of dinghies to arrange.
A very large number of boats, particularly: Picco’s, Laser’s and some Tera’s are not identifiable. If you didn’t come and move your boat as requested, you may find yourself on the racks or hemmed in a little. If you have paid only for storage, then please try and use a top rack or leave you boat on the outside edges of the park to allow those sailing better access.
There is plenty of room for dinghies to be stored. During the lift in, many boats needed to be moved. It is your responsibility to check that you are happy with where you boat is.
We have 2 visiting Hurricanes and space is reserved for them among the Hurricane rows. Please don’t block those.
If you have not paid to store your boat, please remove it immediately.

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