Oct 16 2021

Old Masts around the dinghy park

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Thank you to Tolga Kulahcigil and Steve Margerison for volunteering today to help move the old masts off the mast rack ready for the Sandhopper lift out and for when the new mast rack is built.

If you had a mast on the rack that can be disposed can you please arrange for this ASAP or mark it up for disposal and we will arrange for this.

If you have mast that is to be used for a boat and it should be on the the rack please place it on the new rack once it is in place.

All masts that are left in the temporary space as per the photo once the new rack is in place will be disposed of as we will assume that they are no longer required.

This message will also be emailed to all members and posted on the TBYC website.

Thank you
TBYC House Rep & TBYC Sandhopper Class Capt
Scott James

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