Jan 10 2024

Members only Dog Trial

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Following a general consensus at the AGM in favour, a Dog trial has been agreed by the General Committee with the following rules.

From January 10th 2024 TBYC will allow the following:

Members may bring their own dog to the club and use the outside balcony, Commodore bar side of the club only.

Only clean, dry dogs are allowed access. No wet, muddy or sandy dogs allowed.

The dog must be accompanied at all times and remain on a short lead.

The dog remains the sole responsibility of the owner and the club accepts no liability.

The member must enter and exit the club via the first floor rear exit door and then must use the Commodore bar to enter the balcony.

No loitering in the club with your dog is allowed for any reason.

The dog is not allowed in any other part of the club for any reason.

No more than 3 dogs are allowed on the balcony at anytime and must be kept under control at all times.

Non members dogs are not permitted.

If there is a private function in the club in either bar or a main cadet event i.e Cadet week then no access is allowed.

Any mess is the responsibility of the member to clear.

If the dog becomes a nuisance to other members then the member and their dog will be asked to leave.

If asked to leave by a member of staff or General Committee member then that request must be complied with at the time and any concerns notified to a Flag Officer in writing.

This is a trial and the general Committee reserve the right to amend the rules governing this trial or suspend it if deemed appropriate at the time.

If successful members may wish to amend club bye law 1A at the next AGM.

On behalf of

General Committee.

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