Aug 30 2022

**** FIXED *** Ladies showers are currently switched off.

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*** Update *** 02/09/2022 *** Showers are now back on *** The ladies showers now have levers to switch them on and off, while I appreciate that they are not the most attractive, they should function better than the taps that were in place that had broken and be easier to replace in the future should any problems arise **

*** 01/09/2022 Update ** All of the taps are being replaced on Friday.  Therefore they should all be working for the weekend.


Please note that the ladies showers have currently been switched off as two of the taps are broken and we cannot isolate one of them on its own.

We have called our very helpful plumber in to get the problem resolved as soon as possible. But at this time of water shortages we did not want to leave it leaking. Therefore all of the showers are currently not able to be used. If we cannot make a fix by the weekend, we will switch them back on when needed and then isolate them again.

Thank you for your patience while we resolve this issue.



Scott James, House Rep.
[email protected]

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