Dec 01 2022

Help needed with Primo and the Sandhopper Launching Trolley

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I’m looking for some help with Primo over the winter and the Sandhopper Launching Trolley. Can anyone help?

The list of jobs include.

Sanding, prepping and Antifouling Primo, Painting the floor internally with non slip & giving it a good clean up all round.

The trolley has a new jockey wheel, Pete replaced parts of the metal last year, but the wheel was broken at lift out this year. I have two new axles and wheels on the way for it, the old axles need cutting off (as the nuts are rotten) new holes drilled and the new axles fitting. We need to make sure that when they are fitted the black lifting frame fits over them, so we can get boats on an off of it easily so we can use it properly for launching and recovering. If you can help, please let me know.



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