Mar 18 2020

Coronavirus Update – Club and Staff

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To all members & Staff – As you are now probably aware due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak the General Committee for the safety of all of us had to sadly make the tough decision to close the club. Staffing has unfortunately had to be cut to the minimum of the more senior permanent staff.

Turning a negative into a positive the senior staff during the closure are being utilised to make improvements to the bar and kitchen set ups as well as deep clean in order that when the day comes to re-open we all return to a sparkling new facility. (Strict Health procedures and instructions are in place for these Staff).

I would ask that we spare a thought for those junior staff that will not now have the work they had on a regular basis and convey a big thank you for their past service .

If we can, we may if the closure persists, possibly call on the remaining staff as and when a project needs the requirement. For the time being I can only apologise for the fact there will be no work for the foreseeable future.

I am very conscious this may affect the income of the Junior staff and I am watching to see what help the government can give.

The decision was not taken lightly and we are truly thankful for the service of the Junior staff for which under normal circumstances the catering and bar would not function so effectively.

I Thank all the Junior staff on behalf of the General Committee as well as the club members and I hope to see you all return as and when normality resumes. Lets pray that is soon.

If any of the staff have questions you would like answered please contact me

Thank you.

Kind Regards


Vice Commodore.

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