Oct 16 2020

Club house opening late today 16/10/2020

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Dear Members,

This is to inform you that the club will be opening later than usual, at 12:30 today and may close after dining at 8:00pm due to a staffing issue. Notification of this will follow.

The reasons for this are that we have again been notified of a Covid 19 case that could affect club bar staff. This is due to the fact that the father of one staff member is currently being treated as a positive Covid 19 case and so that staff member has been told to isolate.

To make it clear the guidance says until that staff member (now in isolation) shows symptoms the club can continue to operate with its remaining staff following as it has, the relevant guidelines for covid safety as we have continually throughout. However as a precaution I have instructed a deep sanitizing clean of the Bar, Kitchen and club house. This will not be completed until 12:30. We do maintain a high standard and the measures in place are designed to keep staff, visitors and members safe.

I have increased this safety today by asking for that deep clean and adding in increased hand sanitizing behind the bar and in the kitchen. Please all do use the sanitizing facilities provided regularly.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but we feel it is in the best interests of the club, its visitors and you the members to ensure we maintain a high standard of sanitization and cleaning to keep you safe.

Kind regards
Wayne A Miller, Vice Commodore

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