Sep 18 2008

Clearing the Boat Park.

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The “summer” season is coming to an end and with it arrives the annual migration to the boat park of the cruisers, which is scheduled for Saturday 18th October. As usual, those who are NOT sailing in the Winter Series need to remove their boats on or before Sunday 12th October, whereas those who will continue to sail should move their boats to the western half of the boat park.

It is noticeable that some owners take a rather disinterested attitude to the reorganisation of the boat park, leaving it to others to move their boats on their behalf. Please bear in mind that if your boat needs to be moved because you’ve not bothered to comply with the above request, it might not be treated with quite the same delicacy that you would apply – why should it? So if you care about your boat, either take it away OR BETTER STILL, move it to the west side of the boat park and JOIN THE REST OF US in the Winter Series.

The more efficiently we dinghy and cat sailors clear the space for the cruisers the more compactly they are installed, leaving us more space for our boats, so it’s in our interests to co-operate as fully as possible. Not only that, but the Master Recruiter for the Sprint 15 class and Keeper of the Boat Park – none other than Andrew Hannah – has sworn severe retribution for any boats not complying. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Those stalwarts joining us keen Sprint sailors for the season of PROPER sailing need to enter by Saturday 25th October.  Unfortunately the Sandhoppers won’t be with us – Barry is feeling his age and it is said that this year he may hibernate.

Finally, I’m bowing out after an interesting year. There is a tremendous spirit within this club in which everybody pulls together and I’m a very grateful beneficiary of that culture.  Many people have helped me at various times. My successor is that Contender sailor and master-fixer of broken Sprints, Chris Boshier. I wish him well in the post and hope you will all support him as you have me.

Don’t forget the Winter Series.  See you there!

Howard Hawkes.

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