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May 10 2024

Updated Sailing Programme and Club Handbook

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Please use these new versions of the Sailing Programme and Club Handbook because due to a technical issue the links on the sidebar to the left cannot currently be updated. Once this is fixed I will post again.


Please find the updated Sailing Programme here: Sailing Programme Issue 6 – 10 May 2024


Please find the updated Club Handbook here:  Handbook Issue 2 – 10 May 2024

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May 01 2024

TBYC RS Aero Eastern Area Championships 6th/7th July 2024

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Please see here for the RS Aero NOR: RS Aero Champs

To enter, please click on this link;


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Apr 28 2024

Cadet week applications extended to the 5th May

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Please read the information pack before completing the online application form
Closing date for applications has been extended to  Sunday 5th May at 8pm.
Please email [email protected] with any queries. The weather can only get better (I hope) Thank you.

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Apr 25 2024

Next PBL2 course 3rd – 5th May – places available

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We have a couple of places become available on the next PBL2 course which is on the evening of 3rd May and on the water on the 4th and 5th May

The course costs £100.

If you are interested in completing the course, please email the TBYC Secretary in the first instance on  [email protected]

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Apr 24 2024

Club Lift to the Bar Not Working 24th April 2024

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I have been advised that there is an issue with the lift at the club, I will get this looked at ASAP.  I will update the website as soon as I know more about the fault and any timescales for repairs.

Thank you

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Apr 22 2024

Tony Morgan

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It is with regret that we inform you of the death of Tony Morgan, 1931 – 2024, on 9th April.

In 1964 Tony was a silver medallist, with Keith Musto, in the Tokyo Olympics, in the Flying Dutchman class.

In 1960 Tony was  Hornet World Champion with Terry Wheeler.

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Apr 13 2024

Cadet week applications are now open!

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Please read the information pack before completing the online application form
Closing date for applications is Sunday 28th April at 8pm.
Please email [email protected] with an queries

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Apr 11 2024

Classic Car Show 2nd June

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Apr 05 2024

RNLI Pursuit Race – Sunday 21st April Start Times

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Please see start times for the RNLI Pursuit Race this Sunday starting from 10:30. If your boat class is not listed please contact me by midday Saturday 20th April to be added.

TBYC RNLI Pursuit Race 21st April 2024 SSI’s
Race Duration and Entry
Entry fee for the race is a £3 per boat voluntary contribution – All proceeds will be donated to the RNLI. Please place the entry fee in the container located on the main bar on the race day.
The Race Duration has been calculated based on the slowest class, RS Tera Sport, sailing for 2 hours. Start times for all other classes have been calculated based on the handicap numbers in use at Thorpe Bay Yacht Club as at April 2024.
Classes not allocated a start time should contact the race officer by midday Saturday 21st April latest to be allocated a start time. Email: [email protected]
Competitors sailing boats without a start time allocated that do not contact the race officer before this time will not be eligible to race.

The Course

Committee boat or Shore Box start – The start numbers / times will be posted on the Bosuns hut blackboard along with the course.
The Start
The start time for the first boat (RS Tera Sport) is 10.30 hours
Start times for all classes have been rounded to the nearest minute and are published on the Start Times sheet attached to these supplementary sailing instructions. When possible, the Race Officer will answer questions regarding position in the sequence from competitors on the water This information is entirely at the discretion of the race committee and will not be grounds for redress.
Thorpe Bay Yacht Club Flags will only be used in the initial 3 minute warning and preparatory period before the first start.
International Code Flag R shall be used as the warning signal for the first start.
Sound signals shall govern the starting sequence thereafter.
The first start number will be displayed at 3 mins before the start and will not be removed until the start. Subsequent start numbers will replace the preceding number as soon as possible after the preceding class start and will be displayed for the duration of the time until the subsequent class start, e.g. If the gap between 2 starts is one minute the class start number will be displayed for approximately one minute. If the gap between 2 starts is seven minutes the class start number will be displayed for approximately seven minutes.
A single sound signal will be made for each of the designated starts even if no boat starts in that class.
There will be no recalls and at the discretion of the Race Officer premature starters will be penalised by 5 places in the finishing order, with no recourse to appeal or redress. Competitors are required to keep clear of the line until after the start immediately prior to their class.
The race will finish exactly 2 hours after the first start time. A support boat flying a blue flag will motor to the point where the lead boat has reached at the pre-determined finish time and sound a signal indicating that the lead boat has finished.
The support boat will drop an inflatable mark and all competitors shall sail towards this mark.
A support boat will then motor back through the fleet recording the finishing position of each boat as far as possible through the fleet. This is likely to be restricted to the front of the fleet depending upon conditions and positions on the course and is likely to be the first 5 boats only. (Where possible competitors should note the sail numbers of the boat in front of them at the time of the finish signal and record this on the declaration sheet the Bosun’s Hut.).
After the finishing sound signal, boats shall not overtake a boat in front but shall continue sailing until the support boat has passed them, recording their position, or the race officer on the support boat has indicated that he/she has finished recording places, at which time they will be deemed to have finished.
Start Times for Classes are below.

RNLI Pursuit Race Start Time list 2024



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Apr 05 2024

Cadet Barracudas Training postponed

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This sunday would have been our first Cadet Training session of the new season. Unfortunitly, Storm Kathleen has blow us out.

Barracudas will now be postponed until 28th April.

The next sessions will be Sharks on 14th and 21st April.

Piranhas will be on 5th June.

To find out where you or your child fits into the program, refer to the TBYC Pathway found here


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