Jul 02 2009

Marconi 3 Piers race

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Last weekend in light winds, 4 tbyc boats made the journey to Marconi SC.
Kyle Stoneham and Ollie Herve used Kyle’s Tornado for around the cans racing on the Saturday and won 3rd place out of 35 boats, well-done guys.

Then on the Sunday the weather decided to play tricks with little wind and horrible fog with a variable F3 due to come in. The 3x Piers race stretches for 50 miles up and back down Essex coast from Osea pier to Walton pier. The race officer decided to delay for half an hour to let the fog lift enough to see the water and the wind to fill in.

Neither happened, so the race was started with the intention to shorten course at Colne point. A slow start for everybody, all looking for advantage of tide and wind to get ahead.
At one point, Chris Brooks on Hurricane 307 had the advantage closely followed by Nick and Kyle on the F20, with Kylie and I, Chris Hull and Simon chasing. This was Kylies first open event and long distance race and it was good to see the amount of alcohol such a small person can consume and still stand-up from the night before BBQ.

Lucky for me, having such a light crew was to pay off dividends, All the way up and down the course the Hurricane’s were within 300yds off each other it was at the Colne turning point that Kylie and I started to lead the pack, Most went directly down and were swept out but we cannily, gybe back in shore and had a good angle to power up and be on course for first Hurricane home on the piers race. If only I had read the race instructions properly, Next time Kylie, just kick me. We were home and dry but my mistake lost us 4 places at the finish.

Well done to Nick and Kyle, once the wind picked up a bit the F20 got flying and they got back in double quick time finishing 3rd over the line and 18th on handicap. Simon Steptoe on his F20 was going to join in the fun but had to drop out at the last moment, luckily for us he decided to join in on the BBQ and bring the wine, Most appreciated mate.

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