Jul 20 2008

Hurricane & F18 Crews wanted

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Sounds like a WW2 call-up to save “Blighty”. Have you noticed that all these fast boats have names resembling aircraft form the War, F18, Spitfire, Tornado, Hurricane etc. Makes you proud to sail one, if the dart 15s where named Mosquito, we would have a squadron. Any way I digress, I have been asked recently to find crews for fast cats recently, so if anybody fancies a sail on a quick boat, please get in touch or put your name and contact details on the Cat notice board. Many thanks Struan.

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  1. Wayne Milleron 22 Jul 2008 at 12:42

    That is very interesting Struan. I had not noticed the WW2 connection. As you say they resemble aircraft names, and incredably yours acts like a U-Boat at times.!!! The U-boat also having a connection with WW2.
    I might get a Uniform…. See you soon…Wayne.

  2. Andrew Hannahon 22 Jul 2008 at 21:23

    Struan, a Dart is a missile fired from an aeroplane! Seadart is the naval equivalent.

    I’m pleased to see you’re compiling an F18 crewlist. It would be great to see more of these magnificent boats. Have a word with Mike or Shaun. They are sure to have cadets who aspire to something really fast. Their role model would be Kyle.

  3. Model Yachton 04 Sep 2008 at 23:35

    Model Yacht…

    How would you like to look over the shoulder of some of the best engine tuners in the World? If so the Engine Analysis Software will allow you to do that easily….

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