May 29 2008

Fast cats away

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Three boats from TBYC attended Stokes Bay Cat Open and the Hurricane Nationals, last Bank Holiday weekend. I said attended because it was more like a demolition derby on Saturday with the race officer assuring it was only 19knts from the NE. Yer right! more like 30-35knts once on the water. David White on his new F18 Narca Infusion had the sense to turn back with out any damage. Nick & Kyle, on the F20 Narca went blasting around untill a capsize ripped out their new main before the race. While Wayne and I on the Hurricane SX, zoomed off down a wave on the way to the start line, water spraying every where and promptly got dumped big time, ripping the jib for good measure. Back to the bar for many of us, out of 29 Hurricanes only 6 finished. One F18 crew mentioned that they got around the course by capsizing at every mark. The race officer then canned the rest off the day. Sensible man!

Next day after a few beers and a Disco (Why do they do that! it’s mainly blokes) in the YC, Racing was planned to start at 10am but after a short delay was postponed. Wayne did well swimming the boat to shore and got in first. We finally got racing after 2pm in very light winds which suited the F20 & F18 fleet on an inshore course but for the Hurricane fleet on a different 4x rounds, up wind/down wind course, fighting the strong Solent tides, wasn’t much fun especially when after 3 races, we were well down the fleet and finished racing at 6.30pm.

The Hurricane 2008 AGM was held later that night but nothing new to report. Possible 16/1 down haul system and the square top main still in development. Next years 2009 Nationals to be held at Stone SC. Ended celebrating Andy Webb’s 40th, God! more beer and a cold Chinese to finish the day.

Bank holiday Monday, say no more. Racing binned as avg. wind speed 35knts in Solent, all of us then packed up in the P***ing rain and join the traffic home. Mmmm! what can I say about the British weather. Now to spend some time sailing at the club and get the Fast cats on the water. Happy summer sailing when it happens.

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  1. Andrew Hannahon 29 May 2008 at 17:54

    So that’s where ya bin. The bar takings are noticeably down in Wayne’s absence.

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