Apr 09 2018

Cadet sailing report 8/4/2018 4 pm

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Cadet sailing report 8/4/2018 4 pm:

Very light wind was troubling all of us, but we pushed the boats out anyway.
Cadet RIB and Polly was manned by parents, thanks for all the support on the land and on the water.
10 sailors in 8 boats, in Picos and Optimists experienced very light conditions and learnt skills to move ahead. There was bait placed tactfully in an Optimist hull, giving the sailors motivation to try to move, and they all did. This was followed by a paddling race. There was more discussion than push and the strong team was beaten by the experienced single hander.

Our team is building well, I am looking forward to focus the next session on starting and stopping once more before we move on to work on starting and upwind progress.
This is planned for the 22nd of April, Sunday, start at the water at 13:30.
Any cadet is welcome to join in, in any boat, help will be given to those who ask for it.
It is up to the parents / grandparents to encourage and take their sailors along.

There will be a sailor’s meeting at cadet night, Friday the 13th of April at 7 pm.


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