Cadets 2024 (Scroll down for dates)

Cadet Racing Results

All results for Cadet events will be published below:

(Click on the link to download a pdf file into your ‘download’ folder)

Mini Races – All races 2024

Training Races – All races 2024


All Events and updates are published on the Home page of the website. Also scroll down for dates.


Borrowing boats – Click here


If you are organising a Cadet Event outside the published calender you will need to complete:

Cadet Water Activity Application Form


TBYC Cadet SOP v2

(Click on the link to download a word file into your ‘download’ folder)


TBYCPicoFleet Youtube Channel – lots of good information, not just for Pico!  (Andras Gal) 

Cadet Mini Race Series – Sailing Instructions – TBYC Mini Race Sailing Instructions

Club Racing – Key Points for Cadets – Main-Race-Key-Points 2023


Start times are as in the Calendar and published on the TBYC website

Dates below updated on 10 May 2024


Mini Races
Sat-Mon 25th – 27th May TBYC Regatta
Sunday 25th August
Sunday 15th September
Sunday 20th October
Saturday 23rd March – East Winter Training
Sunday 24th March – East Winter Training
Sunday 18th August – National Championship
Monday 19th August – National Championship
Tuesday 20th August – National Championship
Saturday 2nd November – Eastern Training
Sunday 3rd November – Eastern Training
External Events
Saturday 8th June – Matt Dear Trophy TEYC
Sunday 21st July – Cadet Sail with TEYC
TBYC Events
Cadet Week – Monday 5th – Friday 9th August
Sunday 11th August – Walley Cup
Cadet Training – PIRANHAS
Sunday 5th May
Sunday 19th May (with Barracudas)
Sunday 9th June
Sunday 28th July (with Barracudas)
Sunday 1st September (with Barracudas)
Sunday 22nd September (with Barracudas)
Sunday 6th October (with Barracudas)
Cadet Training – BARRACUDAS
Sunday 28th April
Sunday 19th May (with Piranahs)
Sunday 28th July (with Piranahs)
Sunday 1st September (with Piranahs)
Sunday 22nd September (with Piranahs)
Sunday 6th October (with Piranahs)
Cadet Training – SHARKS
Sunday 14th April
Sunday 21st April
Sunday 14th July
Sunday 29th September
Monday 6th May
Sunday 26th May
Sunday 23rd June
Sunday 7th July
Saturday 27th July
Sunday 8th September
Sunday 22nd September
RYA Training
Saturday 11th May – RYA AI Training
Sunday 12th May – RYA AI Training
Saturday 22nd June RYA Stage 2
Sunday 23rd June RYA Stage 2
Saturday 6th July – RYA Stage 2/3
Sunday 7th July – RYA Stage 2/3
2-day Cadet Regatta
Saturday 7th September
Sunday 8th September



All activities are put on the TBYC website, Facebook and Whats App, during the week before the event.

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