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Mar 26 2020

The Dinghy Park is Closed

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As a result of government, RYA and PLA advice the dinghy park is closed and water activities are suspended until further notice.

Unfortunately, this means that no work can be carried out on boats nor can they leave or be brought to the club.

Cruiser and Sandhopper lift-in will take place as soon as is allowed.  It will be one of our priorities.  We are all keen to get back on the water.

The committee is reviewing the situation constantly and currently having to react to new advice and guidance.

In the weeks to come the club will rely, a good deal, on the goodwill and support of its members.

If anyone needs help – shopping, chatting, transport – please get in touch.

In the meantime, stay safe and well.

Happy Sailing soon, we hope.

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Mar 25 2020

PLA Notice to Mariners – COVID 19 Restrictions

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Port of London – River Thames NOTICE TO MARINERS No.6 of 2020  – 24 March 2020


We are issuing this in line with current Government Coronavirus guidance, placing restrictions on movement.

To reduce social contact, travel and potential strain on emergency services, we strongly recommend that all recreation and leisure activities on the tidal Thames are avoided until further notice.

Our priority at the PLA is to help ensure the UK continues to receive essential supplies of food, fuel and medical goods at this time.

As a result, we expect to have a reduced capability in responding to recreational incidents on the river.

To support our essential port operations, we are reducing the operating hours of our harbour service patrols between Putney and Teddington.

We are grateful for your co-operation in these exceptional circumstances.

Port of London Authority
London River House, Royal Pier Road,
Gravesend, Kent DA12 2BG

Bob Baker
Chief Harbour Master

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Mar 24 2020

TBYC Supporting the NHS

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Sadly suspended at the moment but feel it important for us as a club to show our support to all those brave people of the NHS saving lives

All keep safe and well and observe official advise

Thanks all for your understanding and support

Steve Hopper Commodore

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Mar 23 2020

Dinghy Park Closure

Following tonight’s message from our Prime Minister. The General Committee have now decided that the time has come to sadly, close the dinghy park.  We are sure you will all understand the reasoning behind this. Other than going to work, shopping, walk or a run, we are to remain at home.

We ask all members to respect this decision and not enter the dinghy park or attempt to go for a sail. The reflection back on the club that we all love would not be favourable. This includes boat maintenance.

We will of course, review the situation constantly and look forward to being back on the water when the situation allows.

Thank you for your co-operation and please stay safe and well.  Keep watching the website and Facebook for updates and info.

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Mar 18 2020

Coronavirus Update from the Commodore

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Hi All
I hope you are keeping safe and well.

We are exploring many ideas at present and these may or may not be able to be implemented or even have a need or requirement depending on members appetite for the ideas and services.

Some of the ideas are:-

1 Possibly using the club’s buying power and contacts to buy some essential groceries and cleaning products and combine them in packages to be available to purchase at cost by members (a very exclusive grocery store).

2. James, our chef, has also expressed a willingness to possibly offer a locally based Meals on Wheels (would require some volunteers of which both my wife and daughter have offered to help). This would be primarily aimed at the elderly and less able members or as many members as we can cope with. Prices in line with business as usual.

3. If possible and current government advice allows, each class captain could offer help with launch and upkeep of boats

4. TBYC community: we are also looking at helping in other ways. Can we help people who are isolated with shopping or other tasks requiring local travel?

5. Have a virtual lunch with a TBYC friend. Randomly pick either someone on the Facebook group or a friend from the club and arrange a lunch whilst on Skype or FaceTime (Let’s stay in touch)

6. Introducing via social media, web and email a frequently asked questions and answers list. Please check there first if you have any questions or concerns

There will be many more ideas and we are actively working to use this time wisely. Currently we are trying to be as considerate as possible to our valued and hard-working key staff. So, what does that mean.

For this week we have told all staff “business as usual” however this does not mean stay at home and do nothing and that incidentally is not what they want either. As from Tuesday the 17th (Day One) the main bar has been completely emptied of all stock and glasses and is undergoing a complete deep clean and reorganisation as is the Commodore bar and the kitchen.

This will extend around the Club for as long as possible being mindful of costs of course.

Other aspects of the club such as stock, suppliers etc are all being reviewed and or suspended to limit financial impact

The above being said we are in a strong financial position for just such an emergency. We just have to be careful to limit how we managed to spend

Our club does not stand still. We are looking forward to opening up as soon as possible with a clean and improved facility

In the background we are also working on a new Bosuns and Race hut project, RIB store project, extensions of the dinghy park, a feasibility study on the bar layout and resurfacing of the rear car park. I have met with my architect on many of these and will l have preliminary plans within two weeks and a target to go for planning within one month.

If we consider these projects are of value, we will then enter the next stage of working out how we would fund the projects.

1. Possibly grants
2. Member sponsorship
3. Part Work parties
4. Government help to potential loss etc etc etc
5. Fundraising event

That’s all for me now, keep safe and well, and know this, the decision to temporarily close has not been taken lightly and is for the safety and well-being of all

Your Commodore
Steve Hopper

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Mar 18 2020

Coronavirus Update – Club and Staff

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To all members & Staff – As you are now probably aware due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak the General Committee for the safety of all of us had to sadly make the tough decision to close the club. Staffing has unfortunately had to be cut to the minimum of the more senior permanent staff.

Turning a negative into a positive the senior staff during the closure are being utilised to make improvements to the bar and kitchen set ups as well as deep clean in order that when the day comes to re-open we all return to a sparkling new facility. (Strict Health procedures and instructions are in place for these Staff).

I would ask that we spare a thought for those junior staff that will not now have the work they had on a regular basis and convey a big thank you for their past service .

If we can, we may if the closure persists, possibly call on the remaining staff as and when a project needs the requirement. For the time being I can only apologise for the fact there will be no work for the foreseeable future.

I am very conscious this may affect the income of the Junior staff and I am watching to see what help the government can give.

The decision was not taken lightly and we are truly thankful for the service of the Junior staff for which under normal circumstances the catering and bar would not function so effectively.

I Thank all the Junior staff on behalf of the General Committee as well as the club members and I hope to see you all return as and when normality resumes. Lets pray that is soon.

If any of the staff have questions you would like answered please contact me

Thank you.

Kind Regards


Vice Commodore.

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Mar 16 2020


Published by under Club Notices

Due to unprecedented times and advice published today from the government: ‘people are being asked to avoid pubs, clubs, theatres and social venues’. The general committee has made the difficult decision to close the club until further notice.

This decision was not taken lightly but we need to consider the risk to members, many of whom are in the high-risk category and our staff.

The club will be closed in its entirety including; closure of the clubhouse, bar, kitchen, changing rooms, toilets plus the cancellation of all currently planned events including racing.

Cruiser and Sandhopper Lift in on 28th March – please contact your class captains for more details.

We hope this will be a short-term measure and the committee will continually review the status and keep you updated.

There are obviously many ramifications for the club which the general committee are currently working through and further communications will follow in due course.

Thank you for your patience and understanding but club members safety and welfare is paramount.

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Mar 15 2020

Amendment to Winter Series Schedule

Amendment to Race Schedule – Winter Series 2020

The final race on Sunday 22nd March will now consist of 2 races, sailed back to back. Start time remains the same at 10:00.

Race length will be at the RO’s discretion but likely to be shorter than normal.

As we have only had 1 race this winter series, the Sailing Committee decided to make this amendment.

All races will count for the series with no discards as per the Sailing Instructions.

Adrian Bunting                                    Howard Warrington
Rear Commodore Racing                      Sailing Secretary

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Mar 15 2020

2020 Sailing Instructions

TBYC SI 2020

Please see the above link to the Sailing Instructions for the coming 2020 Season. These take effect from the first race of the Spring Series.

Race Officers and Assistant Race Officers: Please take time to study these carefully as they will assist you in your role. Please take note of section 9 where some amendments can be found.


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Mar 15 2020

Coronavirus Update

Published by under Club Notices

The club is monitoring the Coronavirus situation and taking guidance from Public Health England.

We are actively increasing our cleaning and wipe down process and have signage posted around the club to help advise members

We would further request all members endeavour to take notice of all official recommendations from World Health Organization and The NHS / government advice including requesting members who have visited hot spots to self isolate from the club

We also request you use Contactless Payments where possible to reduce on any passing of the virus that may occur whilst using cash.

These are very challenging times and we want our club to be proactive and as safe as possible

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