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Sep 28 2017

Changes to catering at TBYC

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The time has come for change to the catering provided at TBYC. We are moving away from operating the kitchen under a franchise agreement to a model where we employ and manage the staff in-house. This will offer greater flexibility in terms of menu selection and opening hours.

On behalf of the General Committee and the wider club I would like to say thank you to Dave Dowson for running the kitchen for the last two sailing seasons. Dave will be with us for another two months during which time we will look to hire a catering manager and related staff. We hope to have the new system in place as soon as possible to prevent any break in service.

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Sep 27 2017

Well done Cadets

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Eighteen Cadets did us proud by entering the Interclub Dinghy Cadet Team Race last Sunday, hosted by Essex Yacht Club. Nine boats were loaded onto trailers to be transported to Leigh together with ‘Seasafe 3’ towing another two Picos and the Cadet Rib around the pier.  Our Cadets, who ages range from 10 to 15 years, unloaded their dinghies, rigged them and were off to the Start Line, far in the distance. The course was large and the buoys were hard to see through the sea mist, however the Cadets managed to tackle the massive waves (especially when you are only 10 years old in a Pico) and 18mph winds. These was certainly challenging conditions. For most Cadets, this was their first major race away from the club and I think they deserve much praise. They all returned with a smile on their face, a little exhausted, but contented that they had successfully represented TBYC as a team.  Photo: 11 team members


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Sep 25 2017

Missing Oars

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Nick Cotgrove keeps a pair of oars under his Dart 16 (yellow hulls).  The oars have been borrowed. If you used them, would you return them to Nick’s catamaran, please.

If you need oars, each club tender has a pair.

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Sep 22 2017

Club Car Parking This Weekend

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Due to the Finn Nationals the second Car Park has been opened for the weekend. Enter using the normal Dinghy Park Entrance and drive through the usual area where the Finns are, entering the weekends Car Park through the hole in the fencing.

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Sep 22 2017

Finn Nationals – Results

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Finn Nationals results on the attached link.

Finn Nationals 2017 Day3

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Sep 21 2017

Briefing for the ‘Interclub’ Dinghy Team Race at Essex Yacht Club – TBYC Cadet Racing Squad

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Briefing at Sail Training Room, 7:30 pm, Friday 22/09/2017

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Sep 19 2017

Cadets – ‘Interclub’ Dinghy Team Race at Essex Yacht Club

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It is the “Interclub’ Cadet Dinghy Team Race this Sunday 24th September at Essex YC.
This race is for Cadets who can sail a full course with good starting and a basic understanding of the rules.  Boats can be sailed single handed or with helm and crew.
Organisation for the Interclub Race
Meeting Friday 7.30pm TBYC Sail training Room for Cadets and Parents
  • Meeting to organise transportation of Dinghies to Leigh YC where I have secured parking for our trailers. The boats will be launched on the beach by the club and sailed 150 metres to Essex Yacht Club.
  • To sort out teams of 4 boats.
  • Briefing on the ‘Sailing Instructions’. Click here for sailing Instructions
Sunday 24th September Meet at TBYC at 11.45
  • Race starts at 14.45, Mass start.
  • Parents and Cadets should arrive at the club at 11.45 to load boats onto the trailers etc. The Cadets should either change at TBYC or come changed, as there may be no facilities available at Essex / Leigh Yacht Club.
  • Each Cadet shall be responsible for their boat, whether it is their own or a club boat. That includes loading your boat onto the trailer (with help) and ensuring you have the rudder, daggerboard, boom, sails etc. loaded onto the trailer or in a parent’s car.
I am looking for two parents who can tow a trailer to carry 3 to 5 boats to Leigh YC. 
We will have at least ‘Polly’ to watch the racing. There will be the usual Safety/support boat cover supplied by the organising club.
This is a great opportunity for our Cadet to race against other youngsters and put all the training into practice.
The forecast is 10mph winds……. perfect!
All good fun!

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Sep 18 2017

Volunteers Needed for Duties September 24th

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We need volunteers to help with the following Club Racing this weekend please

Sun 24 Sep 2017
Start 13:30
2 Race Autumn Sun 3&4 – HW15:50 5.8m

SS7 Helm
SS7 Crew

If you can help please volunteer / swap in the usual way via Dutyman or email [email protected]
Many thanks

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Sep 16 2017

Pico race tomorrow morning, 9:00 briefing, sail training room

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Sep 15 2017


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We need volunteers to help with the following Club Racing this weekend please


Sun 17 Sep 2017 09:30 Barts Bash – SS3 Helm – Volunteer needed or swap with Nick Barnes please

Sun 17 Sep 2017 09:30 Barts Bash – RIB launch / recovery – Volunteer needed please


Don’t forget you can swap a future duty with a VOLUNTEER PLEASE duty

If you can help please volunteer / swap in the usual way via Dutyman or email [email protected]
Many thanks

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