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Sep 19 2013

TOP’s news

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I would just like to introduce myself, I have been active in the sail training and cadet weeks for a number of years. I was asked to consider representing the TOPs in the coming year. It didn’t take me too long to decide that I would love the opportunity. The TOPs offers a great start for those wanting to get into racing, or those wanting to challenge themselves to sail better. I am really looking forward to the last 4 races of the season and the new season in 2014.

I want to thank Johnno for his work with the TOPs. My goal is to build on that great start and get more of the fleet participating regularly.

I would like to remind you that there is some great racing for the Teras, Optimists and Picos arranged for this Saturday 12.20.

The weather is going to be warm and a nice light breeze from the West.

If you have not managed to get to any of the TOPs races, please don’t let that put you off. The series offers a fun and relaxed entry into racing. We keep the course simple and the races short.

The sailing is best enjoyed in one of the main classes, however boats such as a Mirror are welcome to participate.

Remember this is not just for the kids, adults are always welcome.

If you would like to join in but do not have a crew/helm I am happy to start a register and get people sailing together, just contact me.

As Johnno stated earlier in the week, there will be a special course set from a start boat. We will try to give a briefing in good time for you to get afloat.

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Tim Allard
[email protected]

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Sep 17 2013

Sandhopper Nationals press update

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The America’s cup has inspired local press and national TV to feature the Sandhopper nationals this weekend for live prime time viewing, both Sky and channel 4 are currently bidding for exclusive rights.

The sandhopper press office is keeping very tight lipped as to the bidding war but huge sums are thought to be involved, the press officer who didn’t want to be named was commenting from his new house in Bermuda!   ‘It’s always the highlight of the East coast sailing year, with so many world class sailors taking part this was going to happen at some stage’

The event starts midday Saturday and people are already setting up camp on the beaches of  Thorpe Bay for the best view.



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Sep 17 2013

RS Feva training

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Our 6th RS Feva training / discussion session will take place this Thursday at 8.00pm upstairs.
Our main focus this week will be to look at the rules to tactically gain the advantage on a beat and a reach.
We will base our session on Team racing, which still has benefits for fleet racing – The upwind legs and reaches.

On Saturday, we wilI put into practice the tactics that we have learn in an ‘on water training’ session. You need to be prepared to leave the beach at 12.00 noon. For those who do not yet have a RS Feva, a similar boat will be OK.
Nick Alston
RS Feva Fleet Officer

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Sep 17 2013

Sandhopper Nationals

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The Sandhopper Nationals will be held at Thorpe Bay Yacht Club on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September. NOR, SIs and entry form are attached. Please note that the briefing on Saturday has been put back from 10.00 to 10.30am.

Don’t forget, to compete in the National Championship the helm must be at least an associate member of the SCBA. If you have not joined this year, contact Janet Willsmer 07969 598309.


Sandhopper Nationals 2013 SIs

Sandhoppper Nationals 2013 NOR

Sandhopper Nationals 2013 Entry Form

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Sep 12 2013

Supper Race 17:30 This Saturday

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This Saturday, due to the tide times, the race is scheduled as a Supper Race starting at 17:30. Following on in similar prizes for the successful Breakfast Races, the winner of this Supper Race will be awarded with a voucher covering Supper for 2 at the club.

After racing the Commodores Bar will be serving drinks as the Main Bar is being used for Private event.

The Club kitchen will be open until 7.30 pm for after sailing meals. If you’d like Scott to keep something for you call him on 07717 027372.

There is no racing scheduled for Sunday.

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Sep 11 2013

RS Feva Training

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Our 5th RS Feva training / discussion session will take place this Thursday at 8.00pm upstairs.

Our main focus will be to looking at the rules to tactically gain the advantage. We will base our session on Team racing, which still has benefits for fleet racing – The pre-start, start and first beat.

I will also need to know on Thursday who wants to be in the teams (2 teams – 8 youngsters under 16) for the Midlands British Schools Championships on 5th October at Farmoor reservoir.

There is also ‘on water training’ on Saturday which will compromise of a few exercises then lots of races around a short team racing course. You will need to be prepared to leave the beach at 5.00 pm. For those who do not yet have a RS Feva, a similar boat will be OK.
Nick Alston, RS Feva Fleet Officer

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Sep 09 2013

A Class Nationals Report

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The UK A-Class Nationals at Canvey started in sunny summer conditions with 14 boats from around the UK and Piet Saarberg from Holland competing and quickly ended up as winter, as very wet squally weather blew through. Friday was a sunny balmy 20 odd degrees and wind of 10-15kts, just perfect for A’s and the fleet started to enjoy the close racing around a typical upwind around spreader and down to go through a gate before heading back through the start/finish line. This was going to cause problems when the Canvey cat open were going to join in on the same course on the Saturday/Sunday.


Saturday! And what a difference 24hrs makes, wind now a steady 18-25kts and white crested waves, God knows how the A’s hate waves. The boats are very strong and being made out of Carbon, 75kg all up weight, very light and can fly off waves rather than cut through them. The race officer says the game is on and the mixed fleet of catamarans and the A’s

Head out to the start line before long several boats retire because of the conditions. First start for the A’s gets abandoned when heavy squall comes through and knocks several boat down but most are fine and the problem is were too quick around the course and catch up with the 3rd start which are flattened on the start line and we have to sail around the carnage. Typical I have a good start and in 3rd place, never mind back to the beginning and 20min wait till wind abates to a reasonable level. Off we go again and getting good starts and end the day in 4th place after six races, had to come in on the 6th race due to shackle on the main sheet failing and had give the spare to another competitor just before the race, Mmm! Won’t do that again.


Sunday was meant to be light winds and sunny, how the meteorologist’s

Get it so wrong, strong squally winds and rain yet again and some of the fleet head in early as the start is delayed and the wind changes direction yet again. I think the race officer and team did a great job in getting two final races off, as the weather was so changeable. Final out come I finished in a credible 4th position behind a former UK champion, European champion and a up and coming star in the form of Sam aged 24yrs, Lucky B**tard to have started so young in the class.

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Sep 09 2013

QUIZ NIGHT sat 7th Sept

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Many thanks to Tony & Janet for a great evening & also to Jordon & co for the serving of the munchies. It was fabulous darling & well done to the ‘spekled knitting squad’ (you know who you are).

See you next year, Simon B & family. x

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Sep 09 2013

Well done Jeremy & Julian, Winners of the Hurricane Canvey open 2013

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Jeremy & Julian

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Sep 05 2013

Hurricane SX and Fast Cat Open Meeting at Canvey Island Yacht Club this weekend

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Island Yacht Club

Hurricane SX TT and Fast Cat Handicap Open

FAST schrs 1.095 and above MEDIUM schrs 1.221 and above

2 Day Event – September 7th & 8th £35.00

Calling all Fast Cats, why not join us and sail round on Sat am for a good weekends racing and entertainment at Island Yacht Club.

Julian and Jeremy – Weird Fish – Yes

Simon and Conrad – Fat Me Do – Yes

Come on boys…Nick Elmore, Paul Palmer, Anthony Blower, James Moody, Mike/Will Thomason, Jim Bowie..Paul Graves?? 



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