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May 29 2008

Fast cats away

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Three boats from TBYC attended Stokes Bay Cat Open and the Hurricane Nationals, last Bank Holiday weekend. I said attended because it was more like a demolition derby on Saturday with the race officer assuring it was only 19knts from the NE. Yer right! more like 30-35knts once on the water. David White on his new F18 Narca Infusion had the sense to turn back with out any damage. Nick & Kyle, on the F20 Narca went blasting around untill a capsize ripped out their new main before the race. While Wayne and I on the Hurricane SX, zoomed off down a wave on the way to the start line, water spraying every where and promptly got dumped big time, ripping the jib for good measure. Back to the bar for many of us, out of 29 Hurricanes only 6 finished. One F18 crew mentioned that they got around the course by capsizing at every mark. The race officer then canned the rest off the day. Sensible man!

Next day after a few beers and a Disco (Why do they do that! it’s mainly blokes) in the YC, Racing was planned to start at 10am but after a short delay was postponed. Wayne did well swimming the boat to shore and got in first. We finally got racing after 2pm in very light winds which suited the F20 & F18 fleet on an inshore course but for the Hurricane fleet on a different 4x rounds, up wind/down wind course, fighting the strong Solent tides, wasn’t much fun especially when after 3 races, we were well down the fleet and finished racing at 6.30pm.

The Hurricane 2008 AGM was held later that night but nothing new to report. Possible 16/1 down haul system and the square top main still in development. Next years 2009 Nationals to be held at Stone SC. Ended celebrating Andy Webb’s 40th, God! more beer and a cold Chinese to finish the day.

Bank holiday Monday, say no more. Racing binned as avg. wind speed 35knts in Solent, all of us then packed up in the P***ing rain and join the traffic home. Mmmm! what can I say about the British weather. Now to spend some time sailing at the club and get the Fast cats on the water. Happy summer sailing when it happens.

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May 29 2008

Sandhopper Nationals

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Two days to go and the remainder of the fleet set sail this afternoon for Burnham.

I would just like to thank the following people for all their hard work in getting all our boats ready and organising this event.

Barry Duce  (for goading badgering and generally motivating us all)

Peter Thompson (for for his expertise and enthusiasm and tireless work)

Ken Clarke (for setting the whole thing up)

and last but by no means least

Steve Hopper (this list could be endless, for setting up boats,running his rib round in adverse conditions,towing boats round)


If I have fogotten anybody sorry.

Good Luck to all

Regards Spratty

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May 28 2008


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Good luck to Chris Boshier in the Contender Europeans which start next week in Tuscany, you can follow his progress by clicking on the following link.

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May 19 2008

Sandhopper News

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14 Sandhoppers joined in with the Hobday Trophy race on Sunday, the weather was great including the force 6 which always makes for some interesting sailing, Sandstar took top spot in our group followed by Sandstorm and Satisfaction, the surprise of the day was watching Apollo limp slowly around the course with a hungover crew that appeared to be fishing using the barnacles on their keel as bait, this helped add to the banter on the balcony whilst celebrating the clubs 60th anniversary.

The Sandhoppers will make their way to Burnham this bank holiday Monday in preparation for the Nationals the following weekend.

Any last minute entries can download all the details on the link below

Download the NOR & Entry Form here

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May 16 2008

Change to Sailing Programme

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Due to the Air show exclusion zone we will have to swap the Shoreline Trophy with the Petal plate.

The programme alterations now read

Petal plate 25th May 14.30 start

Shoreline trophy 8th June 15.00 start.

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May 15 2008

TBYC’s 60th Celebrations. Champagne Invitation to all Members

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To celebrate 60 glorious years of sailing at Thorpe Bay, the Commodore would like to extend an invitation to all members to join him for a glass of champagne and a few nibbles, on Sunday 18th May, at approximately 1 o’clock, in the main bar – immediately after the Hobday Anniversary Race. It’s not often you get a free drink from the Commodore, so please come along and join him and make the most of this rare opportunity!

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May 15 2008

Laser Pico Nationals 2008

If you are visiting the TBYC website for details on the Laser Pico Nationals please click on the “Nationals” tab on the left had side of the screen for further details, including Sailing Instructions and Entry Forms. Also see the how you could win a new Pico.

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May 15 2008

Swap required for Race Officer AND Assistant Race Officer Saturday 23rd August

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Two people required to swap our Race Officer AND Assistant Race Officer duties on Saturday 23rd August as we shall be away at our nationals.

Kevin & Lesley Iles

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May 14 2008

SandHopper Long Distance Race

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The Sandhoppers held their first long distance race of the year (5 races left to go) on Sunday, 8 boats left the moorings at 7.30 with the start at 8.00, the weather was stunning with a clear blue sky and a 13mph north easterly breeze, Sand Storm (current national champions Chris Clarke and Nick Barnes ) were first around the mid Shoebury buoy clocking 8 knots on the gps, with sand star (Hopper/Thompson) close on their heels, Squiffy, Sand Spirit, Spider, On The Hop, Windrush and Pearl all fought for the other positions, the black tail spit was missed by Sandstorm and the national champions had to come back on themselves to round the mark, the rest of the fleet didn’t laugh to much, three and a half hours of tactical windward and tidal sailing saw Sand Star finish first, at the Maplin Edge, Squiffy second , On The Hop third, Sand Storm (current champions) fourth, Pearl fifth, Sandspirit sixth, Spider seventh and Windrush eighth (Windrush went to the rescue of a fishing boat in distress hence the position). The second part of the race was a long spinnaker leg home Sand Star again took first place, Sand Storm second , On The Hop third, Squiffy fourth, Pearl fifth, Sand Spirit sixth, Windrush seventh and Spider eighth .
However, due to the competitiveness of the fleet we had the video running during the day from our fabulous support crew on Sea Safe 3, Nik Bennindyke, Dan Henderson and Bruce Spratt, (thanks boys for giving up your day ensuring our safety) ,
After collating all the days information and video , unfortunately our national champions forgot to sign on and off for the first leg and were ocs at the start of the second race, never mind messers Barns and Clarke better a lesson learnt now rather than at the national in a few weeks time, so with them out of the chocolates the rest of us moved up a place.
The day was a great success and I hope we will have even more entrants for the next one, if anyone would like to see the video of the day we will be showing it in the club on Thursday evening, watching Chris and Nick over the line by a country mile is very funny to see.

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May 14 2008

Midweek Series

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What a great way to end a working day

Author: Paul Spratt

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