Aug 14 2019

Golf on The Mud Results are in

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After what can only be described as Steve’s Crazy Golf. Three teams braved the highly modified course. (I think that if it was sailing we would  have used the C flag, S flag and Y flag – particularly Dean ha ha)

As all will know it was just a little windy (50mph) and there was a little occasional water, not to mention the bait diggers holes!

The Scores


Runners and riders:

The Commodores Team wins with The Commodore as top scoring round “Kel Surpreez”

The Ladies Title goes to Sophie Stanford

The Cadet Title goes to Sophie Stanford

Longest Drive Goes to Will (The Ringer) on Dean’s Team

The Joker was played by Dean who fell over in the occasional water after finding a particularly deep bait diggers hole and lost his Crock’s Ha Ha

Thanks to all the teams and players who braved the day.

I look forward to a rematch next year hopefully with a little less wind and lot more sunshine

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