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Nov 29 2017


We need volunteers to help with the following Club Racing this weekend please


Sat 2 Dec 2017 10:00 Winter Sat 4  – SS5 Helm – Volunteer needed please

Sat 2 Dec 2017 10:00 Winter Sat 4  – SS5 Crew – Volunteer needed please


Sat 2 Dec 2017 10:00 Winter Sat 4 – RIB Launch – Volunteer needed please

Sunday 3 Dec 2017 10:30 Winter Sun 4 – RIB Launch – Volunteer needed please


Don’t forget you can swap a future duty with a VOLUNTEER PLEASE duty

If you can help please volunteer / swap in the usual way via Dutyman or email [email protected]
Many thanks

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Nov 28 2017

Winter storage – have you paid for it?

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If you boat is in the dinghy park, and you haven’t paid for winter storage, NOW is the time to do it.

You can pay by cheque or by card at the bar.

If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, please contact [email protected]

Hurricane £83.83; Laser £51.49; Musto Skiff £55.65; Pico £42.59

For other classes please contact [email protected]

Please ensure that your boat is marked with its sail number, and, if relevant, that halyards are secured away from the mast.



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Nov 08 2017

Prizegiving supper

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Due to a seriously disappointing lack of support the prize giving supper has been cancelled. Refunds behind the bar with your ticket.

Prize Giving will however still be taking place starting at 8pm. Many prizes to be handed out with the support of your classes. Look forward to seeing you Saturday.

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Nov 03 2017

Dinghy AGM – Wednesday 8th November – 8pm

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The 2017 main season is over, it is this time of year when your Class Captains and the Sailing Committee start to work hard behind the scenes putting next year’s programme together.
The Dinghy AGM is your chance to help by telling us what aspects of the 2017 programme you enjoyed this year and sharing any good ideas you think we could incorporate into the 2018 Sailing Programme. A draft copy will be available for consultation.

We hope to see you there.
Chris Boshier and the 2017 Sailing Committee.

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Oct 14 2017


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Please note for safety reasons the dinghy park will not be accessible to members during the Sandhopper Lift Out between 2pm and 4pm on Sunday 15th Oct

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Oct 10 2017

A Big Thank You

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from Phil Crawford to all those involved on Saturday pm.

To the RIB crew for getting me ashore, and helping Margaret pack the boat away, to Chris and Ivan for “walking” me through the boat park, to Howard, Gary and Lindsay for support roles and to Jack and colleague in their “professional paramedic” roles. I should be OK next year, once I’ve had a pacemaker fitted!

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Oct 03 2017

Winter storage 2017/2018

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The club is able to offer members limited storage space for dinghies and catamarans that are not entering the Winter & Icicle Series.

Please refer to the winter storage cost relative to your class of boat  Winter storage rates 2017

and ensure that your application  Dinghy-Catamaran-Winter-Storage-Form

is received by the Club Secretary by Sunday 8th October.

All dinghies in rows I, J, K and M will need to be moved and it is the responsibility of the owner to move his/her boat into a free space immediately after the End of Season Trophy race.

If you plan to race this winter then please complete the Winter/Icicle Series entry form instead of the storage application form.

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Sep 27 2017

Work Party – Sunday 1 October 2017 @10:00

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As there is no sailing on Sunday 1st October your generous committee has a work party organised to keep your busy hands from becoming idle.  Classes have volunteered or been allocated the following areas.


Slow Monohull – Changing Rooms

Sprints/Slow Catamarans – Club Windows & Bar Area

Cadets – Sail Training Room & Sail Locker

Fast Handicap – Outside of Building

Sandhoppers – Slipway & Bosun’s Hut

Albacores – Race Box

Fast Cats/Windward Leeward Monohulls – Boat Park

Other – Ribs & Container


For more information on specific tasks and what you may need to bring with you please contact your class representative.

OF COURSE if you don’t feel specifically affiliated to any of these club fleets or even if you don’t sail, don’t let that stop you coming along .  Please feel free to lend a hand and meet some new friends while we happily beaver away.  You never know, they might talk you into sailing something.

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Sep 25 2017

Missing Oars

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Nick Cotgrove keeps a pair of oars under his Dart 16 (yellow hulls).  The oars have been borrowed. If you used them, would you return them to Nick’s catamaran, please.

If you need oars, each club tender has a pair.

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Sep 22 2017

Club Car Parking This Weekend

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Due to the Finn Nationals the second Car Park has been opened for the weekend. Enter using the normal Dinghy Park Entrance and drive through the usual area where the Finns are, entering the weekends Car Park through the hole in the fencing.

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