TBYC Weather Station Notes

Please ensure you use all sources of information before going sailing, none of the weather stations TBYC and RNLI can be relied upon for you to make a go/no go decision. Sail within you abilities.

TBYC Weather Station

Our Weather Station Sensors are located on the shore above our race hut. It occasionally shows incorrect data and this may tell you why.

  • Sometimes the data to the web display stops – this is mainly because the connection is wireless between the sensors and the receiver in the club office and so sometimes does fail. We have an automatic restart in place 3 times a day, which means it will start working again at some point.
  • The wind data is inaccurate – if it isn’t the same as the RNLI that is because it can vary along the shore. If the wind is from some northerly directions it reads low, this is the wind at the shore and in those instances it is worth checking the wind on the RNLI Offshore station.
  • Where have the display with all the nice dials gone – This worked by using a Adobe Shockwave program which is no longer supported in most browser. The display now is simple but the data is still the same.
  • The temperature is incorrect (sometimes saying -49degrees) – The temperature sensor is currently unreliable and we will try and fix it in the future, however for sailing we don’t really worry about it. If people are wearing Dry Suits its really cold, Shorty Wet Suits it’s really hot and normal West Suits then somewhere in the middle.


RNLI Southend Weather Stations

The RNLI data is no longer available from the Thorpe Bay Yacht Club pages as it is now served from a Davis Weather Station website that requires you to register for a free account. Once you have an account you can either view the data for the RNLI Offshore and Inshore stations within a web browser or through Android and iOS Apps.

To register for an account visit https://www.weatherlink.com/  and select the Sign Up button found on the right hand bottom corner. You only have to put your name, username, email address and a password and then although it offers purchased levels of membership you can just click on the Get Started under Basic. You will then be taken into the Dashboard offering station search at the top right hand corner.

RNLI Southend has 2 weather stations named as follows:

  • Offshore Lifeboat
  • Inshore Lifeboat

Once you have searched and selected one of these you get shown the location map and you will get full weather details by clicking on the Bulletin button. Once you have the detailed dashboard you can Save the location. You can change the units that are displayed by clicking on the profile tab (left) on the right hand side under your name. You can also bookmark the station for quick sign on next time.

The Mobile Phone Apps are available from the Apps Stores as Weatherlink more details and links can be found at https://www.davisinstruments.com/weatherlink-app/ and if you are now registered the same user and password can be used. Why don’t you make the 2 stations as favourites in the App and then a summary will be shown for both when you start it up.

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