May 26 2010

St. Pauls to Notra Dame-London to Paris Bikeathon July 2nd 2010

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I said to my wife, “Just going out on the bike for a bit of exercise dear”

“Try not to be long, you know we’ve got to get up to Waitrose”

I thought I would celebrate the end of my seventh decade on planet Earth, incidentally six of them as a member of TBYC, with a bit of a project not akin to sailing this time.

On July 2nd David Johnson and I plan to cycle from St. Pauls Cathedral to Notra Dame in Paris together with a few friends who have agreed to join us.

Some years ago a chum had to deal with the daily trauma of life with a son with Leukaemia. Since then two further friends have had to deal with the same daily upheaval with the disease with the inevitable hospital treatment. For them, they at least had the financial resources to help cope with the burden. Others, in different circumstances, do not.

We therefore have decided to support Children with Leukaemia with this ride together with a 1/3rd going to a local children’s charity Little Havens.

We all are paying all our travel and accommodation expenses, so everything donated plus gift aid, if appropriate, will all go to these causes.

We wonder if any fellow TBYC members may be kind enough to give us a little support with sponsorship, of whatever size ?

I have set up a charity web site account on so either, if you feel so inclined please log in there or alternatively you can ring me on 01702 587894 with your much appreciated sponsorship.

Many thanks

IAN STOBART S/Hopper No.35

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