May 06 2019

Yantlet Trophy Race – Monday 6th May 2019 SUPPLEMENTARY SAILING INSTRUCTIONS

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These are supplementary to the TBYC 2019 Sailing Instructions.
Eligibility – The Yantlet Trophy Race will be open to any boat owned by a member of Thorpe Bay Yacht Club and with a PY of less than 1200. Boats with a PY of 1200 or over will race to the Leigh Buoy and back.
Safety – All competitors are reminded of the Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea and in particular that ships in the channels will have restricted ability to manoeuvre or are constrained by draught and therefore have priority over sailing vessels. Keep a look out for ships in the shipping lanes and pass well astern. Plan and alter your course accordingly.
Safety disclaimer – by signing the declaration sheet for the Yantlet Race owners are accepting responsibility for their actions during the race and indemnifying the club accordingly.
The Start – there will be 2 starts from the committee boat.
Time Class Flag
12:30 PY = 1200 K

The Provisional Course(s):
PN = 1200
An upwind leg, Pier Head to Starboard, Leigh buoy to port, Pier Head to Port, club mark #5 to starboard and finish at the Shore Box Line.
The actual course(s) will be displayed on the blackboard to the west of the Bosun’s hut one hour prior to the start(s) and may include additional marks and/or a shorter course depending on weather conditions and wind direction/speed.

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