Apr 15 2016

TBYC 2016 Sailing Instructions

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The 2016 Sailing Instructions are attached. These apply to all club racing for the season 26 March 2016 to 16 October 2016.


There are very few changes  compared with last year. For series racing the same fleets, courses and starting sequence applies.


Two changes to note are:

  1.   The Cadet Fleet will race in all series racing ( instead of just a few as last year). This means that the Cadet Special Mark ( their windward mark), and which is usually marked with a ‘C’, will be placed in every series race. Other fleets should note this and not confuse it with any other special mark which may occasionally be used.
  2. The outer distance mark on the start line may be moved after the start. ( i.e. the start line, which becomes the gate/finish line, may be shortened after the start)



Happy racing.


TBYC SI’s 2016 – final


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